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A 77 yr old man lung , brain and hip bone cancer, responded to chemo&radiation...now has lymph node cancer next to heart..survivable?

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What are you asking?: I am going to assume that the history is of a primary lung cancer metastatic to the brain and hip, with a good result from radiation and chemotherapy. This is not uncommon and i would not be surprised if it buys 5 or more good years, though ultimate it will be fatal. A lymphoma appearing in the mediastinum would need to be managed by an oncologist and may also respond well. Patient must decide.

Answered 5/30/2018



Treatable: Lymph nodes next to the heart may be treatable with more/different chemotherapy and/or radiation. Unfortunately, when cancer has spread from the lung to bones and brain as it seems you have described it cannot be cured. Chemotherapy, radiation, and sometimes special pills that directly target the cancer can put it into a remission and extend time and quality of life.

Answered 1/5/2019



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