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4 pinpoint small red dots on soft palate.sore throat, and left tonsil is always swollen but not huge , right normal, could i have cancer, nonsmoker, ?

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Probably not: In my experience it sounds more like inflammation that something more serious. Tonsil always being swollen is an issue.

Answered 11/8/2015


Dr. Howard Spector answered

Specializes in Orthodontics

Oral Lesions: The spots you describe are due to the acid reflux that you are being treated for with prevacid (lansoprazole). Often times, reflux lends to the feeling of a sore throat, and the red spots are inflamed blood vessels in the area called petechiae. As you list your symptoms, they sound like "normal" findings associated with your medical history, and not oral cancer. If you remain concerned contact your md.

Answered 4/21/2018



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