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A 48-year-old member asked:

what can taking meds for a mental illness do to a person without the illness?

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Dr. Donald Jacobson
A Verified Doctoranswered
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I don't believe we : Have studies regarding this except for those cases where the psychotropic agent is being used to treat a totally separate medical condition. In those cases the side effect profiles appear to be the same. I would expect the risks and dangers would be the same any person without psychiatric illness but the benefits would be lacking obviously. Interesting question. Best wishes.

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A 36-year-old member asked:

Where can I find the support system for my mental illness?

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Dr. Alan Ali
Dr. Alan Alianswered
Psychiatry 32 years experience
Support system: Family, friends, your local mental health center would know resources to refer u for individual and group counseling. Good luck.
A 52-year-old member asked:

Can there be a mental disorder where the afflicted believes they're younger than they actually are?

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Dr. Donald Hazlett
Psychiatry 54 years experience
Not specifically: There are situations where people act much younger than their age, most often related to developmental disorders or significantly reduced intellectual capacity. Dissociative disorders on occasion regress into childlike behavior and speech. None of the above involve the individual actually believing they are younger than they are. Others may simply pretend they are younger and know it's not so.
A 46-year-old member asked:

Possible mental illness? Neighbor seems frazzled, disorganized. What can one do?

1 doctor answer3 doctors weighed in
Dr. Pavel Conovalciuc
Family Medicine 23 years experience
See doc: Whether it's a mental illness or psychiatric symptoms of a physical one, is hard to tell unless tapped more into the history of the problem. You would want to suggest to him to see his doctor. If you feel or hear him say something that puts him or his family or other people in danger, you are obligated to report that by calling 9-1-1.
A 38-year-old member asked:

Do I have a mental disorder or a colorful personality if joking all the time?

1 doctor answer4 doctors weighed in
Dr. Pamela Pappas
Psychiatry 42 years experience
The Joker: I'm not sure about this, as there's a lot you're not saying here. Joking can be engaging and fun, and people enjoy laughing. But if the person is never, ever able to have a serious conversation, the joking may be serving a more defensive purpose. There's a big difference between being light-hearted, and feeling compelled to crack jokes constantly even when serious or sad things are going on.
A 43-year-old member asked:

Does occasionally seeing things that don't exist mean I have a mental disorder?

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Dr. Galina Mindlin
Psychiatry 38 years experience
It depends: Since what has happening to you as 'seeing things that don't exist' may be experienced by you in many different ways, it is important that you share that experience with the professional as psychiatrist or psychologist first. That would be helpful in terms of understanding if that is something you shall worry about or not. Also that would give you a chance to get help in case you need it.

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Last updated Jun 11, 2018

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