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I have aorta valve stenosis can i take (1000) mg of calcium daily?

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Dr. Jerome Zacks answered

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Don't take the pills: Recent studies reveal that calcium from calcium-rich foods causes fewer heart attacks than calcium pills. One should also look for vitamin k deficiency by testing for osteocalcin. If high, one should take vitamin k supplement. Vitamin k deficiency is associated with increased osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis. There is no evidence yet that vitamin k can reduce aortic valve calcification.

Answered 10/14/2013



I am aware of one study which suggested that a combination of vitamin D and calcium may be associated with progression of aortic stenosis. Having no idea whether you have trivial, mild, or severe aortic stenosis, I am unable to comment further. I would certainly raise this question with your cardiologist who may be familiar with the severity of your aortic stenosis.

Answered 5/6/2021



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