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Vancocin medication

A 41-year-old member asked:
Dr. Michael Fisher
Dermatology 33 years experience
C. Difficile: Mild cases of c. Difficile infection can often be cured by discontinuing the antibiotics responsible.In more serious cases, oral administration of, fi... Read More
A 35-year-old member asked:
Dr. Keegan Duchicela
family medicine 15 years experience
Rethink weak/strong: Instead of thinking in terms of weak/strong - think about what types of bugs vanc is appropriate for. When doctors say an antibiotic is strong we usu... Read More
A member asked:
Dr. Larry Lutwick
Infectious Disease 50 years experience
Longer than you need: The two should not be used together. The Cholestyramine (questran) given to bind the c. Difficile toxin will also bind the vancomycin. Would stop th... Read More
Dr. Tri Huynh
Gastroenterology 18 years experience
Vancomycin/Questran: You should start to see diarrhea slowing down after 2-3 days starting on the above medications. However, you do need to complete the recommended anti... Read More
A 28-year-old female asked:
Dr. James Ferguson
Pediatrics 47 years experience
So call your doc: This is the HT public information site.We are thousands of volunteer docs based primarily in the US who answer medical questions.We do not offer treat... Read More
A 26-year-old male asked:
Dr. Christian Assad
Cardiology 15 years experience
Not here: For that you will likely need the prime service of healthtap. Easier to call your pop imo
A 25-year-old female asked:
Dr. Robert Kwok
Pediatrics 34 years experience
Many types...: Bronchodilators such as albuterol (Ventolin) or levalbuterol (Xopenex) enlarge the diameter of the airways to help air flow and mucus come out of the ... Read More
A 49-year-old member asked:
Dr. Heidi Fowler
Psychiatry 26 years experience
Approaching: depression wi multiple modalities is best. There are many things you can do for depression. Don't isolate. Spend time w people. Use your support syst... Read More
A 77-year-old male asked:
Dr. Bennett Machanic
Neurology 53 years experience
Several: Now that we have studies showing that long-term benefits for interferons and Copaxone are likely minimal at best, and that 60% of pts do not do well b... Read More
A 37-year-old female asked:
Dr. Dan Fisher
Internal Medicine 28 years experience
Which meds?: Seems as though you are on none.
A 34-year-old member asked:
Dr. Alon Seifan
Neurology 14 years experience
Not sleeping: The most common cause of fatigue in a healthy young person is sleep deprivation. Look at your calendar and figure out how many hours you are getting.... Read More
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