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Aching left arm and leg

A 21-year-old female asked:
Dr. Edwin Ishoo
A Verified Doctoranswered
29 years experience
Head ache: I suspect a good part of the history is missing. We have no other information about you such as your medical or mental health history, any trauma. Do ... Read More
Dr. Susan Rhoads
Family Medicine 39 years experience
If new go to ER: If these symptoms just started and you have never had them before, and they still are present, call your doctor or go to an ER now. Sudden onset of h... Read More
A 34-year-old member asked:
Dr. Tung Nguyen
Neurosurgery 32 years experience
Depends: This can be a systemic disease process (neuropathy, hiv) affecting multiple nerves at once. Carpal tunnel affect the hand specifically, not the arm. Y... Read More
Dr. William Gaya
Neurology 30 years experience
Carpal tunnel: Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by hand pain and recurrent numbness or "pins and needle" sensations in the thumb, index, middle finger and the... Read More
Dr. Olav Jaren
Neurology 20 years experience
? none of the above: Your symptoms of aching in the left arm and leg are too vague to make a diagnosis. Hoe long do the symptoms last? What makes them better or worse? ... Read More
A 37-year-old female asked:
Dr. Nishant Kalra
Cardiology 20 years experience
See ur doctor: Need more information and a physician needs to examine you. Please consult your primary doctor.
A 38-year-old female asked:
Dr. Neal Skop
Cardiology 28 years experience
Atypical chest pain: the diagnosis of chest pain is a tricky thing..while your symptoms are atypical (for heart related chest pain), women often can have aytypical symptom... Read More
A 48-year-old male asked:
Dr. Katharine Cox
Pediatric Emergency Medicine 46 years experience
Exam: Have her examined and imaged if needed. This should help. All the best.
A 39-year-old female asked:
Dr. Jeffrey Kass
Podiatry 29 years experience
Radiculopathy: I would visit a neurologist or orthopedist it sounds like you have a nerve impingement in your back.
A 19-year-old male asked:
Dr. Denny Cho
A Verified Doctoranswered
Dentistry 19 years experience
Cardiac disease: Possible sign of a myocardial infarct/heart attack. Trigeminal neuralgia. There are a lot of possibilities. Only way to know for sure are with test... Read More
A 31-year-old female asked:
Dr. Louis Gallia
Surgery - Oral & Maxillofacial 46 years experience
Unlikely but: Unlikely, but with any pain in the left arm and jaw, you should routinely check with your MD or ER ASAP.
A 33-year-old male asked:
Dr. William Gaya
Neurology 30 years experience
Demyelinating: It is hard to tell without proper history and physical examination. At your age a consideration is demyelinating (autoimmune) disorders. However, othe... Read More
A 22-year-old female asked:
Dr. Bennett Werner
Cardiology 45 years experience
Unlikely: It's unlikely to be circulation because you're too young but it most certainly is something! you need some tests to make an accurate diagnosis. It st... Read More
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