Can you tell me the symptoms of gonorrhea?

A/w Dr. Livingston. Sxs in a male can include: pain with urination, burning or itching from the interior of the penis, swollen testicles which can also be painful ; yellowish to greenish penile discharge. Sxs in a female can include: vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, pain during with sexual intercourse, irregular bleeding (especially after sexual intercourse) ; burning/pain with urination. Other sxs can include >.
Most have none. Most people with gonorrhea are unaware and we find it during std testing. Symptoms may include yellow or white vaginal/penile discharge, burning with urination, pelvic pain, bleeding between periods, testicular pain. Gonorrhea can spread to the joints causing joint pain as well. Untreated infections can cause serious complications. Get tested.