What supplements help with sexual function?

Sorry but no supplem. "sexual function" is a pretty vague term which can refer to sex drive (libido), ability to get or stay aroused/erect, and ability to orgasm. Unfortunately, there are no over-the-counter medications, herbs, or dietary supplements to improve sexual function per se that have been studied & published in peer reviewed journals. However, improving one's own health can go a long ways towards better sex.

Related Questions

How does ic affect sexual function?

IC is Unrelated. Male or female sexual function should not be affected whatsoever by ic, since the functional and psychological aspects of each are independent of the other. Voiding before intercourse could alleviate the "urge" to go during sexual activity as in the case of a full bladder. This could help make activity less pressured and more enjoyable. Functional orgasm and ejaculation should not be affected.
Depends on severity. If you have a lot of pain and urgency relatd to the ic, and it is aggravated by intercourse, why would you want to do something that hurts. You tend to avoid behaviors that cause pain. If the ic is not affected by intercourse in terms of pain and urgency, there is no worsening of the ic by intercourse.

Can saw palmetto affect sexual function?

Yes it can. Yes it can help especially help your libido if you have more questions - please ask.
Doubtful. Saw palmetto has never been shown to have any beneficial medicinal effects in regard to prostate or sexual function when compared to placebo. Having said that, it likely does no harm and. Many people do take it based on anecdotal or testimonial evidence.

How can alcohol affect a girls sexual function?

ALcohol and sex. Pretty variable, but not that differently from a man's. Alcohol disinhibits people, so she may be more willing to do things than she would be sober. Alcohol also acts as a depressant, so it often reduces sexual pleasure and involvement. These are generalizations based on human physiology, isn't possible to say for sure what an individual woman experiences.

Does lexapro (escitalopram) affect sexual function?

Yes. That can be a common side effect, but it does not always do so. If you are having probes with libidos it may be from the depression. If this does not improve peak with your doctor. There are things to do to counteract this side effect. Do not stop your medicine without consulting your doctor.
Possible. Many psycho-active agents can compromise sexual function, and if this is occurring, discuss other options with your psychiatrist.

Can saw palmetto improve my overall sexual function?

Very doubtful. The usual claim for saw palmetto, which does have some physiologic effects, is as an aid in prostatic hyperplasia that makes it difficult for older men to urinate. The sex-enhancement claim is as a new one; perhaps you will make a discovery or the placebo effect will help. The safety profile's good. Good luck.

What effect does a total hysterectomy have on sexual function?

Depends. Removal of the uterus only has no effect on sexual function. If the ovaries are also removed there will be a significant effect. This can be avoided with hormone replacement. The ovaries produce estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone.

Why have ssri anti depressants improved my sexual function? Is this normal?

Ssri. Some of these medications are used to treat premature ejaculation and in that way delay ejaculation which will delay ejaculation and prolonge erections.
Certainly possible. You don't say how your sexual function has improved. As mentioned in another answer, SSRIs can delay orgasm, and in men this is sometimes considered an improvement. (Of course, if orgasm is delayed TOO much, it's not good for anyone.) The other way SSRIs can improve sex is by relieving depression. Depressed people often have low or no sex drive, so if the depression lifts, sex can improve.

Is it scientifically proven if long term methadone addick becomes methadone free, will lobido come back & sexual function becomes normal? Thanx

Possible. Opiate drug use causes testosterone levels to drop. When opiates stop then testosterone levels can rise up again although it may take a while, like months.

How is dopamine linked to sexual function?

Pleasure & reward. Dopamine is hormone involved in pleasure & reward seeking behavior, among other actions. New study suggests that loss of Dopamine can lead to anorgasmia such that cabergoline, which stimulates the Dopamine receptor, can help anorgasmic men achieve orgasm. Check out my post at http://bit. Ly/lqqb2u. This way-off label use was presented as an abstract in recent annual aua conference.