Allegra-d side effects?

Insomnia, jitters. Allegra d contains 2 drugs. Fexofenadine usually has few side effects, but can be drying to the nasal membranes and mouth, and can have side effects, so check further if you have some. The d portion, on the other hand, is sudafed, and it commonly causes jitters, insomnia, fast heart rate, nausea and headache. It can raise the blood pressure and cause arrhythmias.

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I accidently took 2 24hr Allegra d how long will it stay in ur body? I been having side effects for over a week.

1-3 days at most. If you are having side effects after one week since taking this dose then there must be another explanation for your symptoms. Try asking another question entering these persistent symptoms or you could see your regular doctor for an explanation.