How can I overcome a vicodin addiction?

Mutual support helps. Consider attending a meeting of narcotics anonymous.
Try suboxone. Suboxone is used to "get you off" opioids. Along with taking Suboxone you need to "fix" the issues in your life that drove you to addiction. Find new friends. New hobbies. Address other stimulant influences driving addiction.

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How can I overcome my vicodin addiction?

Please see a. mental health professional and attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. Peace and good health. Please tell your doctors.

What is the best way to overcome a vicodin addiction?

Depends. If the person is merely physically dependent on it (experiences withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop) then a slow taper should work. If they have a true addiction problem then they should be assessed by an addictionologist (http://www. Asam. Org) and follow the treatment recommendations. Addiction is a much more serious and potentially fatal problem than physical dependence.
Depends. It depends on how much Vicodin you are taking and how much it is affecting your ability to function. You can receive inpatient or outpatient treatment using long acting medications such as methadone or Suboxone to gradually taper you off of Vicodin.

Are rehabs a good idea for someone with vicodin addiction?

Good. When the is a will the there is away. Addiction is a disease but it is treatable. The sooner the commitment, and if there is a multiple disciplinary approach to the treatment plan the better the outcome.

What is the treatment for vicodin addiction?

Several options. One can we transitioned to Suboxone which is fda approved for opioid addiction. Yoo can simply be weaned off the medication or stop it "cold turkey". In any case I suggest you get into a 12 step program and/or see an addiction specialist.

How can I quit my vicodin addiction!?

Slowly. 1st of all - congratulations on quitting! Finding a good doctor to guide you thru it is best but if you need to do it on your own, go slowly. However many a day you take, cut by 1 each 3-5 days. If 3 days results in feeling too bad, go to up to 4 days to cut further. Or you can just go down a pill every 5 days until a 1/2 pill and then stop. Too quick is not wise. But quitting is very wise. Best!
Vicodin addiction. The chance of getting clean in your own is not good You need to find a provider who is approved to use Buprenorphine They will switch you over and slowly wean you off the Buprenorphine The should also have a counselor in house and information about support groups like NA Good luck.

What are the signs of vicodin addiction?

Adverse Consequences. If you find yourself skipping important obligations or commiting crimes to get your medication, you are probably addicted. On the other hand, if you have a legitimate pain problem that is not adequately treated you might resort to those same things. See an addiction specialist or if your problem is legitmately pain-related, a pain specialist.
Addiction? True addiction is the psychological need for the effects that a drug does for you. If you "need" it because the pain is not controlled without it, is not an addiction. It is a medical need for the clinical benefits of an agent. Diabetics are not "addicted" to Insulin but they "need" it to control their medical problem. If you feel that you "need" the med for anything other than for pain, seek tx.
Dependence. If you are taking vicodin for chronic pain, then you will develop a physical dependence. If you stop taking it you will start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This is normal and very different from a true addiction, which includes drug-seeking behaviors and other problems. If you feel it is becoming a problem, you can discuss other pain-control strategies with your doc.

What is the best way to kick a vicodin addiction?

Suboxone Might Be. Try to find a Suboxone prescriber through naabt. Org. Suboxone is approved for the outpatient treatment of opioid (narcotic) addiction. Combined with appropriate counseling, you have an excellent chance of getting off of the vicodin.
That depends. Factors to take into account in an evaluation would include: reasons why taking vicodin, how many per day, how long, other addictions, other med/psych problems, etc. Generally, getting off the medications is the easy part, either by tapering down or by using Buprenorphine (under supervision). Addiction treatment typically requires a long-term, 12-step program or something similar &/or a therapist.

How long does it take to kick a vicodin addiction?

One day at a time. Withdrawal from vicodin may take days to weeks or months depending on whether a detoxification protocol is used. Recovery from addiction is a life long process.
Try suboxone. Suboxone is used to "get you off" opioids. Along with taking Suboxone you need to "fix" the issues in your life that drove you to addiction. Find new friends. New hobbies. Address other stimulant influences driving addiction.

What is the best way to address vicodin addiction?

Vicodn addiction. Make sure you have good family support, seek medical help, seek religious help, seek psychology help and attends group sessions. All will be very helpful.