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Gyn said i could take 3 packs of micronor in a row, then skip a week and start the next pack. on my 3rd pack, but i've been bleeding heavily every 2 weeks since starting it. given that, do i still need to skip a week after this pack?

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Call MD again: The idea by your GYN MD is to provide 3 period free months when using continuous Micronor Rx. Unfortunately, the pill dosage and your body's response is allowing withdrawal bleeding earlier. Ask your GYN MD if you need a change in pill concentration to use this continuous regimen or not.

Answered 10/25/2017


Dr. Stuart Hickerson answered

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Micronor: Taking the Micronor should stabilize your endometrium. You should not still be bleeding. I would let you gyn know about this.

Answered 10/26/2017



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