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I missed a few days of my birth control and now i can't stop bleeding, what should i do? okay so i kind of forget to take my birth control sometimes and after the third day i forget it, it makes me start bleeding. and that lasts about 4 days. but this tim

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First : First of all, if you have missed more than 3 pills, then you will need to throw the rest of the pack away, wait for your period to start and begin a new pack of birth control pills from day 1. Also, anytime you miss a pill, the effectiveness of the pill decreases, putting you at risk for pregnancy. You will need to use a back up method of birth control (condoms, spermicide) for atleast 7 days. Once your body adjusts to the hormone levels, your bleeding should subside. Taking 4 birth control pills at once is dangerous and can have substantial side effects on your body such as nausea, breakthrough bleeding, cramping, etc. If you find that you forget to take your birth control pill, consider other methods that don't require you to remember a daily pill such as injections, patches and implantable hormones. Talk to your doctor to determine what is best for you.

Answered 10/3/2016



Oral bcp's: Current birth control pills are very low in estrogen and progesterone. They need to be taken within the hour of the previous active pill to prevent withdrawal bleeding. If the bleeding continues, stop the pills for 5-7 days, and unless you are pregnant, the bleeding should stop. Resume after it stops with a new pack of pills.

Answered 11/14/2018



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