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What are the different types of epidural injections?

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Dr. Karen Sibert answered

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One technique: All epidural injections involve putting medications into the epidural space, which is where nerves pass on their way from the spinal cord to all parts of the body. For anesthesia, numbing medications are used that block pain and movement. For pain relief, narcotics or steroids may be used. Epidural injections can be done in any part of the spine from the neck down to the lower back.

Answered 12/28/2018


Dr. Neil Ellis answered

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There are 3 basic: Epidurals are divided into 1. Interlaminar - entering the epidural space in the middle of the back 2. Transforaminal- entering through the foramen 3. Caudal- entering at the base near the coccyx.

Answered 4/3/2016


Dr. Qamar Khan answered

Specializes in Pain Management

3 Types: Caudal epidural is done through your tailbone. Interlaminar epidural is done in between the bones and lastly transforaminal epidural is done around the nerve root and the spinal disc to address the specific nerve root or roots.

Answered 7/28/2014



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