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I've been having really bad hip pain so bad that i could barely put my pants on what's wrong? wat should i do?

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Dr. Gamal Boutros answered

Specializes in Neurology

See your doctor: Is it burning just the skin ---can you move the joint lying down---fever, tenderness on pressure, swelling, how long, what other joints, a lot of other questions--we dont even know your age--hip pain in baby, child, teen ager and 80 years old are different.

Answered 11/9/2016


Dr. James Shapiro answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Reconstructive Surgery

You need to be seen.: When someone has pain in the hip limiting motion and activities, they need to be seen and evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon. Common things to consider would arthritis, a labral tear, tendonitis, and femoral-acetabular impingement.

Answered 5/19/2016



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