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Had tmj for two years.improvement but now left with tight sternomastocloid muscles pulling on ear. could this cause muffled ears?or could jaw be out?

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Dr. David Chrisman answered

Specializes in Dentistry - Cosmetic

TMJ: If your still having difficulty opening your mouth and you are still experiencing jaw pain it is most likely a disc displacement of your jaw. This can lead to tightness of your neck muscles and ear stuffiness. Your headaches are coming from muscles trying to support your joint (s) which are dislocated. You need to see a dentist qualified to treat TMJ disorders for diagnosis and treatment.

Answered 6/10/2014


Dr. Ingeborg Dziedzic answered

Specializes in Ophthalmology

Possible: But you first need to implement life style modification and de-stress. It is spring time, take a walk in nature. Drink a cup of chamomile at bedtime. Remove electronics from your bedroom. Get a nutrition consult. Do a cleanse. Try yoga or meditation. And if you need more help look up fisher wallace cranial stimulator.

Answered 3/27/2015



Yes and likely: In my experience, once a TMJ patient, always a TMJ patient. You will have episodes that are exacerbated by many events such as: trauma, chewing difficult foods, stress, and habits like chewing fingernails. Ears are frequently symptomatic during episodes. Alternating warm(5mins) and cold(5mins) x 2 will help relax the muscles, also Ibuprofen products usually help as well.

Answered 6/19/2015



Many possibilities: "muffled ears" in an adult could be a symptom of ear infection. Tight sternocleomastoid muscles could be symptomatic of many cervical problems. Find an excellent primary care physician who can nail down a variety of factors and can quarterback to coordinated specialty care in addressing your multifaceted condition.

Answered 3/3/2014


Dr. Paul Grin answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Recurrent TMJ/TMD: Is very common. Tmd is the second most frequent cause of orofacial pain after dental pain. It can be divided into disorders related to the muscles of mastication and those emanating from the tmj. Earache and head pressure are common symptoms due to the close location to tmj. Rec.: orofacial pain practitioner for diagnosis.

Answered 4/28/2014


Dr. Louis Gallia answered

Specializes in Surgery - Oral & Maxillofacial

Sounds muscular: If your major symptoms are related to the SCM muscle, I would not think it's related to the TMJ. See your MD for correlation.

Answered 3/21/2015



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