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What causes constipation?

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Dr. Tejas Ozarkar answered

Specializes in General Practice

Many things: Constipation can be caused by lot of problems. Though usually diet related, other causes are medications (narcotics) or (less commonly) hypothyroidism. The first thing you should do is evaluate how much water you are taking in a day (>8 cups/day) and how much fiber you are eating (25 to 35 g/day). If that doesn't work, look to see if you are taking too many constipating foods like dairy or pasta.

Answered 8/11/2021


Dr. Howard Hack answered

Specializes in Gastroenterology

Usually unknown: Most people with constipation will have no identifiable cause. Potential issues could be disease such as hypothyroidism. Medications or electrolyte abnormalities should be considered as well.

Answered 3/29/2016


Dr. Imran Saeed answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Several: Most common being meds, not eating healthy, not drinking enough fluids, sedentary lifestyle, and not taking enough fiber. Hypothyroidism, certain electrolyte disturbances, diabetes, poor eating habbits, laxative abuse and a lot others. The goal is to eat healthy, drink a lot of fluids, stay active, and eat your daily fiber. If this is not helping then see your physician for further workup.

Answered 10/19/2016


Dr. Eric Kaplan answered

Specializes in Colon and Rectal Surgery

Low fiber: And not enough fluids especially if much of your fluid intake is caffeine and or alcohol both of which dehydrate and constipate. Excess foods with calcium or iron such as cheeses and dairy products can constipate. Even if you ate the right foods but didn't drink the correct amount and types of fluids you could get constipated. Fluids are critical! stop the caffeine!

Answered 11/20/2020


Dr. answered

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Constipation : There is a big list of causes common causes include lack of fibre in diet , inadequate fluid intake, medications, irritable bowel syndrome, immobility, hypothyroidism, colon cancer, anal fissure . http://patient.info/doctor/constipation-in-adults-pro

Answered 2/28/2019


Dr. Wendell Goins answered

Specializes in Vascular Surgery

Irregular diet: Most people can avoid constipation if they ate a regular diet containing fruits and vegetables ( esp those with a lot of fiber) . Regular exercise or other activities can also help. Plenty of water keeps the stool moist and soft when it come out. Once all of these factors are met ,then you need to train your body to go and evacuate as soon as you get the feeling that you have to go.

Answered 9/19/2017



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