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A 20-year-old female asked:

everytime i try to eat something its makes myv stumach hurts and make me go to the bathroom?

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Dr. Keegan Duchicela
Family Medicine 14 years experience
Stomach pain: Irritation of the stomach (gastritis) could sometimes feel like upper abdomen pain. It could also be an ulcer or gallbladder disease. There's a reflex called the gastrocolic reflex that causes us to need to use the bathroom after we eat, but it doesn't usually cause pain. If not improving, you should absolutely see your primary doctor. Best of luck!
Dr. Jay Bayer
Dr. Jay Bayer answered
Family Medicine 51 years experience
Irritable bowel synd: Consult w dr. There is gastocolic reflex- when put food in stomach signals sigmoid colon to empty. Ibs requires detailed history as no test prove have it. There is medicine- Bentyl (dicyclomine) that may help, but diet, probiotics, dietary changes help. Allied symptoms like migraines co-exist, due receptors both in brain and bowel. Not serious but affects life. So keep detailed diary symptoms, present to dr.
Dr. Oscar Novick
Pediatrics 58 years experience
Diet diarrhea: Use a diet diary to determine which foods are causing your problem and then avoid them. If that isnt helpful to you see a gastroenterologist.

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A 39-year-old male asked:

What is cause of a cramping stomarch?

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Dr. Arthur Heller
Gastroenterology 43 years experience
Lots of causes: Can be spasm, hunger, meds, irritable bowel, constipation, ulcers, inflammation, tumors of stomach, bowel, gyn can't give specifics, given the question. Check with your doc re: your cramping stomach symptoms.
A 19-year-old member asked:

How to stop your stomic from making sounds?

2 doctor answers8 doctors weighed in
Dr. John Edmison
Gastroenterology 19 years experience
It is normal: A stoma will make noises as liquid and gas is expelled. This is normal. If it bothers you then i suggest you try a low fiber or low ruffage diet to see if it decreases amount of flatulence.
A 38-year-old member asked:

Ehat the treatment for a upset stomack?

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Dr. Charles Cattano
Gastroenterology 39 years experience
Lots upsets tummy: An ache in the abdomen may originate from the stomach, duodenum, colon, small bowel, liver, pancreas, bile ducts and gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, female organs, the abdominal muscles themselves, hernias, blood vessels that feed the organs. Sometimes the cause is inflammatory, ischemic, infectious, obstructive, or just muscle spasms. Talking with your doctor can identify what's the problem area.
A 18-year-old member asked:

Whagt if I ate something that I normally eat and get a stmace a stomac ach what do I do?

1 doctor answer4 doctors weighed in
Dr. Chad Morse
Hepatology 25 years experience
Keep a food diary: Kallie, write down everything you put in your body for a week, and when you have symptoms, how long they last and as much detail as you can remember. Taking a picture of your food with a cellphone is a fast and easy way to keep a diary. Pay attention to the amount of fat or grease is in the meal. Gallbladder problems, reflux disease, constipation and ibs are most likely sources of such symptoms.
A 18-year-old female asked:

My stomachs been hurting every morning but not all coming out. so ive been having coffee past 2 mornings. Its making me rlly anxious and bloat more?..

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Dr. William Schmidt
A Verified Doctor answered
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Take a deep breath: You are a healthy woman. lose the coffee and watch what you eat. I bet you still have an appetite. Set up a regular schedule in the morning to go to the bathroom. i see you have a history of anxiety which you need to get under control. Good luck

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Last updated Jun 24, 2014

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