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I feel concerned that i have not been able move on or start a relationship since my divorce in 2017. it's as if i relive the experience that i had. is there something wrong with me and will i be okay?

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See counselor: Divorce can be very traumatic for anyone , and can affect our mind and body in different ways. The fact that you are aware that something is wrong with you is very encouraging. A specialist such as a psychologist, counselor, or psychiatrist might be very helpful and can help to get you thru this problem. Good luck.

Answered 2/5/2020



Traumatized: YEs something is wrong-you are distressed, Very understandable, but at this point- indicates you need some help to work this through and move on. Counseling is an excellent tool that can help people do just that ,If you do the work , using the tools that are available I would expect you to be fine-but there is some work that you clearly need to do . Those things can be really traumatizing.

Answered 2/7/2020



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