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Been on my period since oct. 16. lots of large clots. started out black like with dry leathery clots, the red, to brown, back to bright vibrant red.

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Dr. Jeff Livingston answered

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Need to be checked: If you have been bleeding for 3 weeks with large clots then you need to be evaluated in person by an Obgyn. They will need to do an exam, sonogram and blood work looking for infectious, hormonal and anatomic causes. Once a cause if found a treatment plan can be determined.

Answered 11/14/2016


Dr. answered

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Bleeding PV: 3 weeks is along time to bleed for, see your doctor. Need to exclude pregnancy and related conditions and after ruling out these your doctor can start you on tablets to stop bleeding . Might need scan and blood test too .

Answered 11/14/2016



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