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Im suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. i got my heart checked (ecg, ekg, and stress test) the results were perfect. but i still get chest pains.

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CP happens with it: Chest pain is often a symptom of anxiety. Anxiety can mimic other physical and psychiatric problems. Monitor your breathing at the onset of chest pain, and take control with slow deep diaphragmatic breathing. Smoking makes anxiety symptoms worse. Tthis could result from heartburn from GI sources, especially with fatty & spicey foods. Medications and CBT psychotherapy help anxiety.

Answered 5/22/2016


Dr. Sergio Schabelman answered

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Control panic attack: If the work up is negative, you KNOW the chest pain is NOT coming from the heart!! There are multiple other causes for chest pain but none will kill you. Forget about further work up and concentrate on treating/ controlling panic attacks

Answered 6/2/2018



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