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Is vascular dementia reversible?

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Dr. George Valdez answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Not much: It is possible to develop or create new circulation, such as unblocking carotid artery, and brains have ways of developing new pathways to compensate, but for the most part we only slow down dementia, not reverse it. Hopefully one day there will be better treatments.

Answered 12/24/2020



No: Unfortunately, dementia is not reversible. We can slow its progress by physical exercise, doing crosswords, staying socially active, and, with vasc. Dem, taking care of cholesterol and blood pressure issues.

Answered 5/28/2015


Dr. Maureen Nash answered

Specializes in Geriatric Psychiatry

In general no: But if someone has had a recent large strike some function may be regained.

Answered 3/26/2013


Dr. Alan Ali answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Vascular dementia: Depends on extent & etiology, most cases are reversible.

Answered 12/31/2012



Complex treatment: Need to prevent further strokes, so should be using anti-platelet drug such as clopidrigrel or aggrenox. The dementia studies have indicated best outcomes using galantamine (galantamine hydrobromide) or donepezil. Reversibility is based on how much damage due to stroke effect has already occurred, as want to avoid "lacunar state".

Answered 1/23/2013


Dr. Alan Steinberg answered

Specializes in Psychiatry - Geriatric

Possibly: Depending on the level, location, severity of the vascular lesions or cerebral insults, there is a possibility that some sxs will be reversed somewhat or improved; the brain can compensate at times for vascular insults; however, the key element is treating the underlying diseases such as hypertension and weight and removing high risk behaviors such as smoking.

Answered 4/16/2014



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