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How to cure 24/7 bloating? its embarassing...

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Needs evaluation: A person who feels bloated (in the tummy) all the time is not normal, especially if the bloating is new. A doctor can evaluate to figure out the cause. Problems can be due to eating things the person cannot digest. Some parasites cause bloating. More serious causes of bloating include a build-up of fluid in the abdomen due to kidney disease, liver problems, heart failure, abdominal cancers, etc...

Answered 9/23/2013



Look up Low FODMAP d: Bloating after meals usually resolve itself.But best way to tackle bloating is to determine its cause. Prevention : Eat small meals, avoid sugar drinks, do not use straws, avoid carbonated beverages, eat slowly, dont rush, avoid swallowing air,constipation. Food allegies and intolerances are common reason,so Low FODMAP diet helps and eliminate foods which are culprits.helps particularly IBS pts.

Answered 3/17/2019



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