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What could cause my hair to turn curly at age 60?

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Dr. Richard Fleming answered

Specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery

Hair Loss in Women: Hair loss in men occurs secondary to the influence of male hormones such as testosterone and testosterone derivatives which affect sensitive hair follicles. In women there is a change in hormonal balance with age causing relatively higher testosterone levels that influence hair density and texture. Medical conditions such as thyroid levels also affect hair growth.

Answered 2/27/2014


Dr. Mario Diana answered

Specializes in Plastic Surgery

Hormone changes: Hormonal changes in men and women may change hair in color, thickness and type.

Answered 2/13/2012


Dr. Otto Placik answered

Specializes in Surgery - Plastics

Curly hair after 60: Grey hair itself has a different composition and structure than your natural color and this can produce irregularities in the hair which make it appear curly as well.

Answered 7/5/2012



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