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I am 28 weeks pregnant. my hand goes numb a lot! should i worry? it never happened before my pregnancy unless i was sleeping on it. it happens all day now.

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Dr. Devin Namaky answered

Specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology

See doctor.: This can be from swelling from pregnancy, and may be precipitation of carpal tunnel syndrome. You need an exam by your physician. If it is carpal tunnel syndrome and you have problems moving your fingers or using your hand, then you may need more urgent treatment, even a surgery.

Answered 4/19/2013


Dr. Frederick Friedman answered

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Follow closely: Very often, "numbness" in the hand is caused by "carpal tunnel syndrome." this is a condition, common in but not unique to pregnancy, in which the median nerve may be slightly compressed by sweling or other changes in anatomy. Certain positions may exacerbate this. It usually resolves shortly after pregnancy, but occasionally needs splinting; surgery is rarely needed.

Answered 4/24/2016


Dr. Laurence Haber answered

Specializes in Neurology

CTS: Carpal tunnel syndrome is fairly common in pregnancy. Consider occupational therapy if a neurologist agrees.

Answered 6/6/2013



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