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I started feeling a sudden sharp pain in my left calf for the last 3 days that pulsates and is very sharp and painful no matter how i place my leg it doesn t go away it s seems to be worst at night my calf is not swollen or hard it s not cramping pain but

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Dr. Shadi Abu Halimah answered

Specializes in Vascular Surgery

See physician ASAP : Several things could cause that including acute ischemia or blockage in arteries, rupture baker cyst, acute neuritis , DVT , rupture tendon .. See a physician asap.

Answered 4/1/2019


Dr. Laura Pak answered

Specializes in Vascular Surgery

Get checked out: Sudden onset of leg pain could be many things: a pulled muscle, achilles tendon tear, blood clot (dvt or superficial thrombophlebitis), periostitis, even stress fracture or radiculopathy (pinched nerve). I'd suggest you go to your doctor to help sort through the possibilities.

Answered 7/22/2014



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