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Why should i treat my nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy?

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Helpful to healing: Too much nausea and vomiting may allow one to be dehydrated and undernourished and to feel just plain miserable. The last thing your body needs while fighting cancer. To treat nausea is to also allow one to be more comfortable during such a crucial time. There are several different regimens available, and your treating doctor will go over these with you.

Answered 12/17/2014


Dr. Liawaty Ho answered

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Quality of life: For 2 reasons-1.Maintain quality of life. Nausea/vomiting can be very debilitating. Chemo is given either to cure the cancer and/ or to maintain your quality of life. It is not intended to torture you with nausea/vomiting. So, do yourself a favor, try to prevent the nausea sooner and don't wait until you vomit. 2. To ensure the continuity of therapy- so that you can achieve your treatment goal.

Answered 3/26/2013



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