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When taking a diuretic, do you need to also take a potassium supplement?

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Possibly: Depending on the specific diuretic you are taking. Some diuretics waste more potassium than others. Also if you are taking a potassium sparing diuretic you may not need extra potassium. Either way tou should have your potassium levels monitored.

Answered 4/19/2016



Potassium supplement: Hypokalemia (H) can be caused be caused by diuretics (D). They do this by two mechanisms. One is by potassium (K) losses in the urine. The other way is by magnesium (M) losses caused by the D. Patients with low M levels will not be able to increase their K level until the M is repleted. Check your M level and if low eat foods rich in M, such as cashews, or try some M supplements. Get a blood test.

Answered 8/6/2014



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