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A 32-year-old member asked:

What is delirium nocturnum?

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Dr. Peter Kurzweil
Internal Medicine 51 years experience
Going nuts at night.: Delirium is a term used for abrupt onset of a confused, disoriented, psychotic (out of touch with reality) state. It is usually short lived, but depending on what kind of delirium, it could be very serious, even fatal (such as delirium tremens caused by abrupt untreated alcohol withdrawal). D. Nocturum is also called sun downing, where certain people develop delirium around sundown. Needs doc.
Dr. Eddie Nakhuda
Geriatrics 55 years experience
Not sure: Confusion & delirium at night could be sundowning or exercebation of behaviour & psych symptoms at night ?
Dr. Maureen Nash
Geriatric Psychiatry 25 years experience
Not common term: Literally, confusion at night. Many illnesses have increased symptoms at night includg dementia where the term sundowning is used.
Dr. Frank Kuitems
Internal Medicine 37 years experience
See psychiatrist: These type of symptoms can be a sign of a serious medical problem toxic dementia delirium or a psychiatric problems seek urgent and evaluation at an emergency room do not drive!The site is for free information only it’s not for diagnosis and treatment or specific medical advice

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A 38-year-old member asked:

What is delirium?

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Dr. Imad Khreim
Psychiatry 40 years experience
Brain failure: Icu psychosis and brain failure are synonyms. It is more common in the elderly. . It is a state of mind where the patient develops veritable levels of confusion, memory loss and disorientation to time, place and person. It can be associated with hallucinations. Caused by an insult to the brain i.e. Medication, metabolic , other systemic diseases . It is important to treat.

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Last updated Dec 23, 2020

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