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What are the forms of age-related macular degeration?

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Dr. Azhar Salahuddin answered

Specializes in Ophthalmology

2 forms: There is a dry and wet kind. Dry is far more common and less severe and happens when the macula (central part of the retina) starts to 'crumble'. Wet is less common and happens when new blood vessels grow under the macula and leak fluid and blood. This causes significant vision loss, but there are new treatments for it. Ask you eye doc.

Answered 1/3/2015


Dr. Richard Scartozzi answered

Specializes in Ophthalmology - Retinal Surgery

Two types: 1. Dry: areds vitamins, tobacco cessation are the treatment. Here we see aging spots in the macula called drusen and/or loss of tissue called atrophy. 2. Wet: intravitreal injections of anti-vegf molecules like avastin, lucentis, (ranibizumab) or Eylea are the treatment. Here we see leaking, bleeding, swelling, and scarring in the macula.

Answered 6/25/2014



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