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What is the best time to take lexapro (escitalopram).i take 15mg of remeron at night along with7.5mg zimovane and 5mg of diazepam.thanks.i have g> a> d?

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Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Actually you can: take it at any time. Taking it at same time each day can help to make it a habit.

Answered 12/22/2020


Dr. Judith Tellerman answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

MEDICATION: Best to discuss medication with your Psychiatrist. If uncomfortable with your Dr. consult another for a second opinion. Have a physical exam by a Dr. to determine if you have a physical illness. Consult with a Clinical Psychologist for psychotherapy with ZOOM sessions. Fears and anxiety could be heightened due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe & hopeful to elevate your immune system.

Answered 12/21/2020



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