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I have a churning ache in my lower stomach which seems to be worse at night while i'm trying to sleep, sometimes relieved by a bowel movement. help?

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Dr. Jalal Zuberi answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Several causes: your symptoms may be the result of excess gas in the intestinal tract. If you are also experiencing some abdominal discomfort associated with either constipation or diarrhea, with the discomfort typically being relieved by bowel movements, then irritable bowel syndrome is another possible cause.

Answered 11/15/2014


Dr. Carrie Cannon answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

See dr.: Although irritable bowel syndrome and constipation and excess gas can all cause abdominal pain relieved by a bowel movement, it is best to see your primary care physician or a gastrointestinal specialist to be sure. In the meantime, you can try simethicone for gas pains, or miralax (polyethylene glycol) for hard or infrequent stools.

Answered 9/29/2016



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