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On/off head ear and neck pain for about a week.pain in face and down back.no fever. does this sound like sinus, wisdom tooth,ear/brain infection?

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Dr. Paul Grin answered

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TMJ-TMD: TMJ disorder is the second most frequent cause of orofacial pain after dental pain. The common symptom are: headache, jaw pain, neck pain, eye pain, earache and toothache. Proper diagnosis is the key for the successful treatment. Rec.: orofacial pain specialist for evaluation and treatment. This disorder will not resolve on its own with home care.

Answered 9/2/2015



Diagnosis: What it sounds like is that you are having pain. To determine the cause of the pain requires a thorough examination, medical history, medication review, possibly imaging, possibly lab tests. Only with a complete understanding can the cause of your pain be diagnosed and then treated. Please seek evaluation by your General Physician or Urgent Care (not ER).

Answered 12/13/2019



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