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How to grow more during puberty?

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Not specifically: In puberty, growth centers have some potential for more growth and simple measures help the best.Follow a healthy diet, rest and exercise, but special diets or exercises will not make you grow taller than their genetic potential.If you want to know how much longer they have to grow, an x-ray of the wrist and hand can be analysed for bone maturity.

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Confusing question: Puberty is a stage not an event. It can be as short as 2-3 years in some or extend 7 years in others.It begins with testicular enlargement in males which may go unnoticed. It ends when the growth centers have closed. At 16, you have some potential for further growth if your growth centers are oper (x-ray). If your bone maturity is advanced to the level of a 17-18 yo your growth centers are closed.

Answered 11/19/2019



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