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The last time i smoked marijuana was august 4, 2013. i recently smoked marijuana on march 29, 2014. how long will it take to get out of my hair?

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Dr. Aron Tendler answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

It stays: The hair that was growing at the time that you smoked will have the marijuana in it. So the follicle (roots) that grew while you were smoking will get marijuana in it and those hairs will always have marihuana in that small section. So you need to wait a few months and then cut your hair really short to have no marijuana in your hair. One time marijuana use might not be detected but more will.

Answered 4/22/2016


Dr. Robert Killian answered

Specializes in General Practice

Hair: Hair drug levels do not dissipate or disappear. Once in the hair always in the hair until that hair is cut past the time of the exposure to the drug.

Answered 1/16/2016



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