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I have a lump or bump in the middle of anus, is red and internal, and around some little open itchy skin? hemorroids?

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Dr. Raj Borade answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology

Prolapse/ hemorhoids: It's possible that it's a hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids can be internal or external and they can bleed. Sometimes the rectal mucosa can prolapse downward and present in a similar way. Itching can be a common complaint. Get it checked out by a gi. Hope this helps.

Answered 3/18/2014


Dr. Jeff Durgin answered

Specializes in Surgery

Hemorrhoids: There are two types of hemorrhoids internal and external. The internal are usually not able to be seen from the outside cause bleeding and itching but very little pain. The extrernal type cause pain and swelling at the anal verge and can appear like a tender grape when thrombosed. Other fairly common anal pathologies include fissures which are extremely painful little tears that usually bleed and abscesses which are tender lumps that drain pus and are often associated with fevers.

Answered 5/20/2016



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