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I have a sore throat, itchy ears and a cough that causes sharp pain. persistent headache as well. no stuffy or runny nose. slightly ferverish. help?

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Dr. John Chiu answered

Flu?: Viral infection such as flu is very common this time of the year and this is probably what your are experiencing. The itchy ears however may be from something else- perhaps dry skin in the ear canal. Some of my patients have obtained relief by putting a couple of drops of vegetable oil in the ear canal to reduce the dryness.

Answered 12/12/2016


Dr. Randy Stevens answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Post nasal drip: Trt over the counter Claritin or its equivalent. If you are having post nasal drip it will be better by tomorrow. Even though your nose is not running it may be irritated.

Answered 12/5/2016



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