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Medicine for bextra allergy

A 34-year-old member asked:
Dr. Amir Faridi
Specializes in Hematology and Oncology
NSAID: Aleve, (naproxen) ingdocin, Motrin all available, need to be careful with too much consumption.
A 37-year-old member asked:
Dr. Richard Williams
Pharmacy 19 years experience
Possible: Be careful. Many drugs purchased outside the us may not be compliant with fda regulations. Thus the potency, kinetics and efficacy may be questionable... Read More
A 45-year-old member asked:
Dr. Romanth Waghmarae
Pain Management 40 years experience
Vioxx bextra: Both have been removed from the north american market.
Dr. David Rosenfeld
Pain Management 28 years experience
No: They were both taken off the market many years ago.
A 33-year-old member asked:
Dr. William Lages
Internal Medicine - Rheumatology 69 years experience
Withdrawn: Bextra {generic name valdecoxib} was removed from the market in 2005 by G.D. Searle because of increased risk of heart attack ad stroke. It is a COX-... Read More
A 40-year-old member asked:
Dr. Martin Rubenstein
Hematology and Oncology 46 years experience
Don't know.: The drug is or was marketed under the name valdure in mexico. You should understand that Bextra and vioxx were removed from the market in the us and ... Read More
A 35-year-old member asked:
Dr. Bruce Rothschild
Rheumatology 49 years experience
Superb benefit: Unfortunately this medication was pulled from the market because of problems in cardiac surgery patients - for whom its use was inappropriate - althou... Read More
A 39-year-old member asked:
Dr. Richard Bensinger
Ophthalmology 53 years experience
Anti inflammatory: These are an NSAID which has less ulcerative effects on the stomach. However it had other problems and has been off the market for several years. If... Read More
A 66-year-old female asked:
Dr. Al Hegab
Dr. Al Hegabanswered
Allergy and Immunology 41 years experience
Possible: Same class, NSAIDs, you don't want to risk another reaction, which may or may not happen. If taking this drug is an absolute necessity, and there is n... Read More
A 37-year-old female asked:
Dr. Paul Grin
Pain Management 37 years experience
Risk/Benefit?: For several years, reports had surfaced about a possible increased risk of a cardiovascular event associated with vioxx. Once these reports were confi... Read More
A 33-year-old member asked:
Dr. Steven Ginsberg
Internal Medicine - Hematology & Oncology 38 years experience
Pain/inflammation: Valdecoxib is an anti-inflammatory agent used in the treatment of pain, swelling and inflammation in people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthrit... Read More
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