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HealthTap Editors

HealthTap articles are reviewed by MDs, PhDs, NPs, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals. Visit to learn more and meet some of the medical editorial board members behind our blog. The information does not constitute and should not be relied on for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment. HealthTap is a virtual-first, affordable urgent- and primary-care clinic, providing top-quality physician care nationwide to Americans with or without insurance. Our proprietary, easy-to-use, and innovative apps and electronic medical record apply Silicon Valley standards to effectively engage consumers and doctors online to increase the equity, accessibility, and efficiency of ongoing medical care for consumers, providers, employers, and payers. In addition, with HealthTap, businesses can offer virtual primary care to employees for less than the cost of free coffee. HealthTap's US-based board-certified physicians are available throughout North America. For more information, visit

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Back Pain

Online treatment & doctors for back pain

Visiting an online doctor can be convenient and effective for those with back pain. This guide from HealthTap explains how online treatment works.

How to sleep while taking Cymbalta

Though Cymbalta is a highly effective medication for some mental health conditions and nerve pain, it can cause insomnia. Here’s what to know.
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Does diabetes cause high blood pressure?

Diabetes and high blood pressure are common conditions affecting millions. Read this HealthTap article to discover if they are linked and what can be done about it.
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Does blood pressure increase with age?

Population is rapidly aging worldwide. Read this article to find out the surprising affects of increasing age on blood pressure.
Back Pain

Back pain due to COVID-19: possible causes & treatment options

Back pain can be a symptom of an acute COVID-19 infection or long COVID. This guide from HealthTap explains everything you need to know.
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Primary hypertension: Everything you need to know

Primary hypertension accounts for 95% of cases of hypertension. Read this HealthTap article to find out its causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

Waking up with morning headaches? Learn about causes and treatments.

Chronic morning headaches can be a sign of an underlying health problem. This guide from HealthTap gives an overview of what they could be.
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Does high blood pressure really make you tired?

High blood pressure is often associated with tiredness. But is there an actual connection? HealthTap online doctors explain the link between high blood pressure and fatigue.

Terrible headaches? When to worry or see a doctor.

While rare, an extremely painful headache can be a sign that something is wrong. This guide from HealthTap breaks down everything you need to know.

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All blog articles are reviewed by HealthTap Medical Editorial Board for medical accuracy.

Dr. Geoffrey W. Rutledge

Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder
Geoffrey W. Rutledge MD, PhD, FACMI, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder at HealthTap, is a double-board certified physician who practiced and taught medicine for more than 25 years. He earned a PhD in medical computer science from Stanford, was an NIH-funded researcher, and served on faculty at Harvard, Stanford, and UCSD medical schools. Before HealthTap, he created the first consumer health website and PHR at Healtheon/WebMD. Learn more about HealthTap's Medical Editorial Board at

Sean Mehra

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HealthTap, Sean Mehra (@seanmehra) has been on the front lines of technology innovation in healthcare for more than 10 years. HealthTap’s mission is to place an affordable, quality personal care doctor at every American’s fingertips — orchestrating care for every part of their lives.

Dr. Robert Kwok

Director of Health Informatics
Robert Kwok, MD, Director of Health Informatics at HealthTap, is a board-certified physician who practiced medicine for 28 years. Before coming to San Jose, he trained at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. In his office practice, he provided primary care for children from newborns to high school students. Dr. Kwok liked and initially joined HealthTap because its public forum let him deliver accurate medical information to people both in his local community and also across the globe. He was for many years a consultant at HealthTap for the Medical Operations team and joined HealthTap full-time after retiring from office practice. Dr. Kwok is the Director of Health Informatics and oversees the quality of the consultations in HealthTap's virtual clinics, plus the quality and suitability of the questions and answers on the public forum. Learn more about HealthTap's Medical Editorial Board at

Angela DiLaura, NP

Clinical Informatics and Quality Manager
Angela DiLaura is a board-certified nurse practitioner with experience providing obstetric-gynecologic services in diverse settings in the San Francisco Bay Area. She completed her nurse practitioner degree and clinical training at Columbia University in New York. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, she had a career in clinical research, including publishing original research. As HealthTap's Clinical Informatics and Quality Manager, she supervises the quality of care delivered in the HealthTap Medical Group. Learn more about HealthTap's Medical Editorial Board at

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