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Meet James Schlichting, DO, a behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry specialist who has been serving patients for more than a decade. Dr. Schlichting enjoys a challenge and is pleased to be able to share his expertise on HealthTap for the benefit of patients around the United States.

With a passion for educating and informing patients about their conditions, Dr. Schlichting uses his expertise to give patients the resources they need. He is an active member of the HealthTap network, where he regularly shares his knowledge with patients seeking information on behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry. He notes, “My experience in treating patients with mental health disorders and concomitant neurological and neuropsychiatric problems since 2009 can be integral to giving patients the resources and knowledge they need to seek proper care.”

He added, “The disorders that come under behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry are challenging. They require proper referral coordination, and often an interdisciplinary team approach to incorporate physician subspecialties, pharmacology, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and speech therapy depending on the given disorder. It is gratifying to assist patients and guide them to seek the care that they need.”

Dr. Schlichting completed his residency at SUNY University Hospital Stony Brook and is licensed to practice in Arizona and New York. With a special interest in medical psychotherapy and neurology, Dr. Schlichting has established himself as a trusted physician in his field.

As a behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry specialist, Dr. Schlichting has expertise in treating complex and challenging disorders. He hopes patients will understand that these conditions require proper referral coordination and an interdisciplinary team approach to incorporate all facets of patient care. Dr. Schlichting takes great gratification in guiding patients to valuable resources for their neurological conditions and making a positive impact on their lives through HealthTap.

Dr. Schlichting's HealthTap participation allows him to assist patients beyond the walls of his clinic. His specialties include epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, migraine disorder, nerve conduction studies, multiple sclerosis, electromyography, migraine disorders, stroke, and headache. Patients seeking advice on these conditions can turn to Dr. Schlichting for his expert medical knowledge.

Dr. Schlichting's commitment to his patients and his field is evident in his dedication to educating and informing those seeking information on behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry. We are honored to have Dr. Schlichting as a valued member of the HealthTap community.

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