National Doctors’ Day Celebration

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Last updated on March 24, 2023 UTC

Join us on Twitter, March 30 at 11 a.m. Pacific / 2 p.m. Eastern for a lively discussion with our own Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder, Dr. Geoff Rutledge and colleagues about their work and the changing face of healthcare.

National Doctors’ Day is Thursday, March 30, a day that reminds people everywhere to appreciate their doctors, and encourages everyone to say “Thank you.” You may be surprised how much doctors appreciate and are motivated by the simple act of a thank you that acknowledges them for what they do and who they are.

Our doctors at HealthTap work relentlessly to deliver care each day. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity on this day to celebrate their efforts and those of all doctors who spend their lives making the world a better place.

Imagine where you’d be without your doctor:

  • Living with an undiagnosed chronic illness?
  • Dealing with your asthma on your own?
  • Still staring at your health goals from last year?
  • Still asking the internet about those symptoms?
  • Still dealing with those headaches?

HealthTap doctors are personal, trusted heroes to thousands. 

Here is what a few of our members have said about their own HealthTap primary care doctor:

She is the second one I met through HealthTap and one of many [doctors] in my life. I think I have finally found a doctor I can understand and who listens and understands me.
They always take the full amount of time and listen carefully before offering any feedback. This is why I prefer HealthTap over an in-office visit--I always feel like my [HealthTap] provider is willing to take their time with me.
Having diabetes for 25 yrs, upon using my HealthTap doctor, I was able to get the most help I've ever been able to out of all the doctors I've seen thru the years … super nice, actually took the time to listen to my health history and concerns, and still could see them "face to face" over the phone … soooo much easier …  I NEVER want to go back to the traditional doctor office. Again … I LOVE my HealthTap doctor.

How does this compare to your experiences? 

If you want to get healthcare from a doctor who knows and understands you, let HealthTap show you how.

Find a doctor you want to celebrate

Here’s how to get your very own doctor at HealthTap:

  1. Watch, listen and read about HealthTap doctors and sign up on HealthTap.
  2. Choose your new favorite doctor and schedule an appointment that works for you.
  3. Get to know your doctor, share your concerns, ask questions via text and get on the road to better health with a doctor you can trust.
  4. Take advantage of all the HealthTap membership benefits: Urgent care or primary care, free texting (after completing at least one appointment), affordable appointments, no hidden cost, appointments on your schedule, prescription refills, personalized health plans, and you can add your kids to your account for no additional cost.

We all deserve a doctor that we can trust, not just in sickness, but also in our quest for better health. And not just a doctor, your doctor. A doctor worth celebrating listens to your concerns, answers your questions, knows your and your family’s health history and helps you set health goals and a plan to accomplish them. Your doctor should feel like your champion. 

To our HealthTap doctors, thank you for caring for us everyday. Thank you for always sharing your expertise, problem-solving with our members, and going the extra mile. You have been allies and advocates to thousands of HealthTap members since 2010. Cheers to becoming champions of many more, today, tomorrow, and beyond!

Join us for a special live event on National Doctors’ Day

Set your calendar to join us on Twitter, Thursday, March 30 at 11 a.m. Pacific / 2 p.m. Eastern! Just follow the link and click to set an automatic reminder on Twitter. 


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