We believe

We believe strongly in our vision and credo for HealthTap.

These values reflect who we are, both as individuals and as a company. We discuss these values at every team meeting and measure ourselves against them at every opportunity to do so. They guide who we hire and how we work together. They shape the decisions we make and how we grow.

Our Vision and Credo

HealthTap’s mission is to measurably prolong the life expectancy of humankind and improve people’s quality of life by enabling immediate access to the best health experts and their knowledge.

We're committed to creating a healthier, happier world — one person at a time. To accomplish this, we provide people with reliable, personal health information and trusted answers to real health questions. Our goal is to support doctors and other health experts in helping people make the best possible health decisions.

We envision a world where people everywhere can quickly find reliable answers to their health questions, and easily get access to the best experts that will guide them towards a healthier happier life. We envision a future where people can tap into their personal health information, using HealthTap, to manage their health and well-being, feel good and thrive. We are realizing this vision by helping connect people with trustworthy doctors, online and offline, and by improving the quality of care, while saving time and lowering the costs of care.


We will create the world's most trusted home for health

Our first responsibility is to do good for the individuals who use HealthTap, especially when making decisions that affect their health and the health of their loved ones. We care deeply about people and are committed to providing information that meets the highest standards of safety and validity.

We value and honor the trust of those who use HealthTap. We treat the personal information of individuals with the utmost care and maintain the highest standards of privacy and security.

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We will attract the world’s best partners

We believe in collaboration and recognize that partnership is integral to realizing our vision. We are committed to being a great partner, and to attracting and retaining the world's best organizations and institutions as collaborators.

We care about our partners' needs and interests and we are committed to their success. We believe that active listening, transparency and trust are central to creating effective, long-term partnerships.

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We will build a workplace our employees love

We are committed to creating and maintaining a place where our employees love to work. We are responsible for ensuring that our employees are treated with care and respect, and that they are challenged to achieve their potential.

We believe that work can be play, and that working hard toward a worthy goal is one of the most fulfilling ways to spend our time. We believe that happy, fulfilled employees who share a commitment to changing the world will bring forth the creativity and passion needed to fulfill our vision.

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We will uphold our values

We value caring and kindness. We believe that being kind is central to living a healthy life, and having a healthy company. However we may differ in our ideas, approaches and perspectives, caring for one another unites us.

We value trust, openness, and transparency. We believe that being open and transparent facilitates collaboration and teamwork and creates a constructive environment in which the best ideas flourish, regardless of their origins. We believe that openness and transparency, together with integrity and honesty, form the foundation of trust required for our success.

We value teamwork and collaboration. We believe that as a team we can achieve far more than as a group of individuals, and that the best ideas are developed through a collaborative process. We enjoy interacting with one another and believe that our connection is central to our strength.

We value challenge and excellence. We believe that something worth doing is worth doing right. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and consistently aim to excel. We like to win, and we love to learn. We enjoy challenging ourselves and strive for personal mastery.

We value passion and positive energy. We believe that the world is changed by passionate people who channel positive energy toward a vision they believe in. Positive energy fuels our progress and brings joy to our journey by helping us endure, see beyond, and overcome challenges and difficulties.

We value fun and play. We believe that 'work' can feel like play, and strive to find and bring into each day playfulness, fun and joy.

We value curiosity and innovation. We believe that childlike wonder fuels creativity, and we are driven by a desire to create the new. We look for new ways of acting, and are not anchored to how things have been done in the past. We question assumptions and the status quo, and ask tough questions that are not easily answered.

We value impact. We are driven by changing the world and making a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of people everywhere. In order to achieve our goals, we are focused on driving short term measurable milestones that add up to long term real impact.

We value health and well-being. We are on a mission to create a healthier world, and we recognize that this starts at home. We pledge to take care of our own health and well-being, and to help others do the same. In large and small ways, we strive to help everyone with whom we interact improve their health and well-being.

We value simplicity. We believe that simple is better, and strive to reduce complexity to its essence. We believe that with good work, any idea can be described on a napkin, and that the effort required to simplify something to its essence is worthwhile.

We value facts, data and analysis. We believe that facts and data in context lead to better, truly personalized decisions and improved outcomes. Whenever possible, we will use facts, data, and information as the language of our internal discussions and as the basis for our decisions. When a strong opinion and fact are in opposition, burden of proof will rest on the opinion.

We value a sense of adventure. We believe that the feeling of being on a mission will help us achieve a greater purpose with our work. As with any adventure, we will take risks and embrace failures, but always learn from our mistakes to make us better. The path to success has its ups and downs and requires a fearless spirit. But most importantly, we recognize that the journey is as rewarding as the destination.

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