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An App That Saved 10,000 Lives Read more »

How [HealthTap] Disrupted the Health Care Industry
Each doctor gets a score…It also lets doctors learn from one another Read more »

...the First Global Mobile Health Brand Read more »

Healthcare Startups Can Save Lives — And Rake in Big Money Read more »

[HealthTap is an app that helps you] keep your New Year's resolutions Read more »
Increasingly, you may be able to access your own medical data—right from your smartphone. Read more »

...the quickest results, was the simplest to use. Helpful advice. Read more »
A company that is defying the odds Read more »

HealthTap is one of the 'absolute best health apps' available today. Read more »
Have a pressing medical question? There's an app for that. Read more »

[With HealthTap] everyone gets smarter about health care, and how to navigate the medical industry... Read more »

Healthcare Startups Can Save Lives — And Rake in Big Money Read more »

HealthTap will metamorphose from a Q&A site into a service that doctors, hospitals, or provider organizations will buy to manage their larger patient pools more efficiently. Read more »
HealthTap helps you ' ask smarter questions when [you] get to the doctor's office' Read more »

The web’s go-to repository for health info that’s actually reliable. ... over the past five months, 2,963 people have sent HealthTap thank-you notes saying that these doctor answers had saved their lives ... if someone were to ask you why healthtech is important, this is it. Read more »
HealthTap’s Q&A Service Sees 7.5M Uniques Per Month, With MDs Spending An Hour Per Session Providing 581M Answers Read more »
With New Mobile Apps, Eric Schmidt-Backed HealthTap Brings The House Call Back to HealthCare Read more »

Both the personal characteristics for patient questions and the curbside consults for doctors leverage a network in ways that can bring faster relief to patients (and thereby, hopefully, reduce costs in the health care system) without risking the privacy of patients. Read more »
HealthTap's growth validates hypotheses about doctors and patients Read more »
Its current network of more than 40,000 physicians vindicates CEO Ron Gutman. Read more »

...bring[ing] more transparency to the quality of care physicians provide. Read more »

10 great mobile apps Read more »

A safe and secure way for consumers to get health advice from reliable sources Read more »

As easy as booking a flight online or comparison shopping for a new sofa. Read more »

[HealthTap] gives users a window into the apps that physicians actually find valuable. Read more »
... bring a new level of personalization in health care to the web. Read more »
A powerful marketing vehicle for doctors in addition to being a more complete information portal for patients. Read more »
...finding out...what doctors think of their peers has been...near impossible, for patients — up until now. Read more »
HealthTap is unique in its ability to connect patients with such a vast network of doctors in real-time. Read more »
HealthTap's offer to patients: pay $9.99 and text with a medical expert in real time Read more »
HealthTap...appeal[s] to doctors who are wiling to define their roles and organize their time differently. Read more »

The platform highlights the inherent power of data divorced from identity Read more »
Informative for users who need advice on health issues and, potentially, great public relations for doctors in search of new patients Read more »
The power of turning doctors into health care information curators for the Web and on mobile Read more »
It's a big difference -- the difference between web 1.0 and the new mobile health revolution. Read more »

Goodbye doctor's appointments and waiting rooms, hello HealthTap Read more »

Mobile health startup HealthTap has acquired the health business of Avvo to build out its network of doctors and patients. Read more »
HealthTap Adds Micro-Transactions For Remote Doctor Chat Read more »
Doctors can build up reputation..and ultimately drive patients to their offline real-world practices Read more »
This is only the start Read more »

Increasingly, you may be able to access your own medical data—right from your smartphone. Read more »

HealthTap 'just might make you raise both eyebrows in surprise'. Read more »
Advice for the ill, and points for the doctors. Read more »

This App Will Change Everything About Healthcare Read more »

Startups Bring Capital, Innovation to Online Health Services Read more »

It's a health database and health-focused social network ... with the input of doctors Read more »

The Ultra-Popular App That Has Convinced Doctors To Give Their Services For Free. Read more »
Making health information accessible to everyone regardless of education or ability to pay. Read more »
HealthTap may be on its (ambitious) way to being the default national rating and search destination. Read more »

What HealthTap is doing is revolutionary Read more »

The house call makes a comeback Read more »

HealthTap 'gives consumers more control over their health' Read more »

HealthTap was created 'to engage people in their health and to help them live healthier, happier lives' Read more »

Leading the way in interactive health technology:

[Increasing] its network of doctors available to answer patients' questions online, Palo Alto-based HealthTap is acquiring Q&A site Avvo Health. Read more »

The next time you have a medical question...try asking the doctors on HealthTap. It might save you 50 bucks in co-pays at the very least. Read more »

Could not have emerged at a better time. Read more »

HealthTap: Use Your Smartphone To Ask a Doctor How Bad That Rash Is Read more »

HealthTap Brings Real Doctors Back Into Online Medical Advice Read more »

HealthTap isn't the only service that puts real doctors on your computer screen or on your smartphone, but it's the best we've seen Read more »
HealthTap Puts a Doctor On Your Smartphone, Helps You Find a Good One to See In Person Read more »
Get medical information on the go Read more »
a great social method to connect you with doctors who can offer real, sensible medical advice Read more »

It will likely continue to be a go-to source for people who need health advice or resources. Read more »
HealthTap Debuts Paid Private Medical Consultations Via Mobile Device Read more »
Its acquisition of Avvo Health will help it significantly expand its online medical community Read more »

HealthTap unveils micropayment system and doctor chat Read more »
Your personalized health source Read more »

HealthTap is helping define the new field of "interactive health" Read more »
HealthTap is 'reaching for the edge of what's possible' Read more »

A powerful communication tool in the medical industry. Read more »

Having legit doctors tell you which apps you should download and use makes a lot more sense. Read more »
No other service has gotten doctors so engaged in answering questions and the reason is the "gamification of health." Read more »

HealthTap is...involving physicians in the conversations and by personalizing information to each person's individual needs. Read more »

HealthTap distinguishes itself from other health education websites by having practicing physicians answer the consumers' questions Read more »

Trust is the cornerstone of HealthTap Read more »

A sign that healthcare is moving to mobile Read more »

HealthTap's 'mission is to improve people's health by helping them make better health decisions' Read more »

A reliable resource when you're looking for answers and helpful information. Read more »

And in the healthcare press:

HealthTap is a brilliant example of high-tech, high-touch medicine: social technology directly connecting practitioners and patients. Read more »

HealthTap aims to harness the mobile revolution to bring the house calls back into vogue - albeit virtually Read more »

HealthTap adds app suite, doctor consults via text Read more »

A giant leap for healthcare Read more »

Palo-Alto-based HealthTap, the doctor question and answer service, care provider directory and referral serviceis branching out once more. Read more »
Very little, if any, of the information consumers read online comes from their own personal physicians – HealthTap aims to change that. Read more »
HealthTap takes Q&A with your physician mobile Read more »

In a nutshell: Patients ask questions, Physicians answer questions Read more »

Get in direct contact with an expert physician for free via a smartphone Read more »

Utilizes technology to better connect patients with their physicians Read more »

I am excited ... to provide my medical expertise for free to anyone in the world who needs my medical help or advice as long as they have access to the internet. How fascinating is that? Read more »

In mainstream media:

within a few hours you'll have a well-informed answer--no circuitous internet search required Read more »

All the convenience of symptom-Googling, but with the input and expertise of actual physicians. Read more »

When we first heard about HealthTap, we were intrigued but thought for sure there must be a catch. But after meeting Gutman, I’m sold. Read more »

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