Our Heart & Soul

We’re dedicated to improving people’s health and well-being by providing our users with personalized health information and free online and mobile answers from thousands of the best doctors in the U.S. Our goal is to help people better understand health, make more informed health decisions and find the very best doctors.

We’re also committed to our doctors. We want to help doctors better serve existing patients, find new ones and build their reputations by demonstrating their expertise online.

We believe that everyone has the right to free, reliable, and independent health information. We also believe that the most trustworthy health information comes from medical experts and that the best health decisions take into account unbiased expert knowledge, community insights and relevant data.

We've created HealthTap to reflect these beliefs, and to be available to you, anytime and anywhere.

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How it all started

HealthTap began with the realization that it's hard to find straightforward, trustworthy answers to personal health questions online. When we do find health information, it's often general and rarely relevant. Even if it might be useful, it's hard to know if it's trustworthy.

As a result, most people who find health information online report that it's of no help at all or very little help. (See 2010 Pew Internet study and graph) This is a big problem. Health is one of the biggest categories on the Internet (Google alone serves over 1.4 billion health searches a month). What does this mean? That lots of people are seeking credible health information online, but very few are receiving helpful answers.

We created HealthTap to provide a smart solution to this big, big problem — to make finding useful, reliable health information fast, easy and free.


DOConnect is listing and interactive map feature on HealthTap available through any doctor’s HealthTap Profile page. It displays a list of the referral network of doctors and the doctors who treat the same patients at the same time. The infographic above shows a snapshot of Northern California doctors and their referrals, where each doctor is represented by a blue dot and the connecting lines represent a referral.

Where we are today

With HealthTap, millions of people everywhere can find answers to their health questions from the right U.S.-licensed doctors for them, including leading doctors in their area. Read what members and doctors are saying! »

HealthTap shows both the diversity of the medical community (by allowing different doctors to answer the same question), as well as the consensus within it (by allowing doctors to review answers and vote up the ones they agree with).

We also categorize and organize the world's best health information, unlocking the wisdom of doctors and creating, for the first time, immediate access to relevant, reliable and trusted health content that is kept current through daily contributions from top doctors.

We’re also enabling revolutionary new mobile and online connections between doctors and patients, reviving the spirit of the house call through technological innovation. Patients and doctors can now store and share medical documents through private and HIPAA-secure conversations with between specific patients and doctors of their choosing. On HealthTap there are innovative ways to find and connect with the right doctors, with information like the HealthTap DocScore, Known fors and other powerful data-driven tools.

With over 55,000 doctors in our Medical Expert Network and immediate access to HealthTap via web and mobile platforms, we've already changed the way people find health information online and interact with their doctors. And we plan to keep doing just that.

With HealthTap, millions of people everywhere can find answers to their health questions from the right U.S.-licensed doctors for them, including leading doctors in their area.

In fact, we've already served 1.2 billion doctor answers to members around the world.

Vision & Credo ›

With over 1.2 million doctor profiles and tens of thousands of U.S. doctors in HealthTap’s Medical Expert Network, the wealth of experience and information on HealthTap helps you find the right doctor, right now. The infographic above displays the deep information available on HealthTap about doctors across the U.S. as of November 2012.


HealthTap gets a home: 575 High St. (July 2010)

After a couple of months at HealthTap's first headquarters (Ron Gutman's white-board equipped home office), we opened our doors at 575 High Street in a Palo Alto office suite formerly occupied by the FBI. It was a suitable location for top secret development work. There, we created the new concept of Interactive Health.

Jul 2010


The first ever Hacking 4 Health (September 2010)

HealthTap hosts first ever health-data specific Hackathon with support from the Department of Health and Human Services, HHS CTO and HealthTap fan Todd Park. Hundreds participated and 35 teams created 18 apps in under 24 hours.

Sep 2010


Giving back for the holidays (December 2010)

HealthTap's holiday Diaper Drive brought families in need basic necessities, directly improving their health and well-being. Our drive bested efforts of large companies (like Cisco) and gathered 40,000 diapers for local moms, making it one of the most successful ever in Silicon Valley.


Private Beta Launch (December 2010)

We opened our doors to a limited audience of new moms and expecting women. After previewing technology to investors in November, we started with hand-picked users in late 2010 to immediate, positive and validating feedback.

Dec 2010


Planning the future (January 2011)

Following months of intense work to release HealthTap to our Beta community, we gathered for our first annual planning retreat to set our goals for 2011. The retreat helped spark many new ideas and established a roadmap and metrics for success.


Hello, Dr. Tappy! (January 2011)

We care about care and positivity. Dr. Tappy, the smiling image of the helpful physician, was created and immediately became an integral part of the HealthTap experience. Always helpful and happy, Dr. Tappy symbolizes HealthTap's dedication to providing the best, most reliable, health information, available to everyone at all times.

Jan 2011


:) we're on TED! (February 2011)

HealthTap CEO and Founder Ron Gutman's TED talk on the "Hidden Powers of Smiling" created buzz at the 2011 conference, but the ultimate success of the talk came when it was released online. Today, the talk has been viewed by millions, translated into over 50 languages by enthusiastic viewers across the world and published as a TED book.


Walking healthy (February 2011)

Cool consumer health projects come with even cooler swag! Introducing the HealthTap shoe – if you see them on someone's feet, say hi!

Feb 2011


Angel funding announced (March 2011)

HealthTap's angels include some of the best and brightest company builders in Silicon Valley and beyond. Their backing of our shared vision enables us to create the HealthTap you see today.


The First Interactive Health Symposium (March 2011)

HealthTap hosted the first Interactive Health Symposium right in our office, attracting physician participants from across the state. The symposium created the foundation for a robust, ongoing dialogue between HealthTap and the physician community about the innovations most needed in healthcare today.


Rocking Interactive Health at SXSW (March 2011)

HealthTap led in health innovation at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. Paving the way for a strong health presence at this important gathering, we hosted an interactive health meet-up to connect innovators, as well as a major gathering for the entire SXSW health community.


Our first expert answer (March 2011)

The first response to an inquiry on HealthTap came from a New Jersey pediatrician, Dr. Anatoloy Belilovsky, who answered the question: "Should I be concerned about my baby's previous vaccinations?"

Mar 2011


Public Beta Launch (April 2011)

Following our Beta launch, we opened our virtual doors to the public on April 19, 2011, revealing to the world our labor of love. Press included praise in TIME and Forbes, among other national publications.


Our first member (April 2011)

HealthTap's first member outside of our invited Beta group signs up for HealthTap. The immediate adoption of our service by consumers around the country soon leads to users from other countries as well.

Apr 2011


1,000 doctors! (May 2011)

Our Medical Expert Network grew to 1,000 members within just months of its creation and weeks of its public launch. This rapid initial growth was a positive indicator of great growth to come.


TEDx Silicon Valley (May 2011)

HealthTap proudly sponsors TEDx Silicon Valley, the most widely viewed TEDx event in the world, with live streaming audiences in 50 countries and over 330,000 global views. The event, themed "Living by Numbers," focused on how numbers can impact and improve our daily lives and featured speakers like Chris Anderson, Mitch Kapor and Tim O'Reilly.

May 2011


First internship class (June 2011)

Who better to share our first-hand experience in a growing start-up, building a world-class company, than top students from Stanford and beyond? No one...that's what we think! HealthTap's Internship program is designed to provide a memorable educational experience to students interested in health technology and product development.

Jun 2011


We've moved! 101 University (July 2011)

A heated battle for conference room space marked the end of our tenure at our first offices in 575 High Street. We moved on up to the former Facebook offices at an even better location – 101 University Ave., Suite 100, right across from the Cal Train station in the heart of Palo Alto.


Gift horses (July 2011)

Working with and learning from horses was just one of the many benefits of a day celebrating our launch with a horseback riding retreat. The event also included horseback riding and other equestrian activities in the wine country near Los Gatos.

Jul 2011


Mobile Launch (September 2011)

"5,000 doctors, at your fingertips – at home or on the go" became the motto at launch for the new HealthTap Express App. Together with the physician-facing application (HealthTap Express MD), HealthTap's core Q&A functionality was captured in a novel and engaging mobile app that quickly changed the face of instant access to health information.

Sep 2011


50,000 answers! (October 2011)

We reach 50,000 useful, relevant and current physician-created answers on HealthTap, all available for free. The Medical Experts on HealthTap stay busy improving the quality of online health information one answer, tip and health guide at a time.

Oct 2011


HealthTap Groups (November 2011)

It's not just for individual physicians anymore! Group practices, hospitals and other health organizations join HealthTap. Now, these groups can maintain a presence on HealthTap and connect with individual physicians. 500 physicians now participate in groups.

Nov 2011


Series A (December 2011)

HealthTap is awarded $11.5M in Series A funding, from investors like the Mayfield Fund, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors. Their backing of our shared vision enables us to continue to build the HealthTap that you see today.


Re-retreat (December 2011)

The team hits Carmel for the weekend on the second annual company retreat. There, we brainstormed about where to go and just how to change the world.

Dec 2011


100,000 agree! (January 2012)

When a doctor feels an answer from another physician is right on target, they can "agree" with it – immediately boosting the credibility of the answer. The answer with the most agrees is bumped to the top for users to find!

Jan 2012


10,000 doctors! (February 2012)

Our Medical Expert Network reached 10,000 doctors in early 2012 – and it's still growing! This milestone coincided with Valentine's Day, when we launched our "I <3 My Doc" campaign – celebrating physicians everywhere for their hard work and dedication to the care of others.

Feb 2012


Our second SXSW 2012 Interactive Conference (March 2012)

HealthTap hosts the hottest Interactive Health gathering at SXSW, with more than 2,000 people on the wait list. Participants enjoyed party perks like big wheel racing and a photo booth, while simultaneously driving the mobile health movement forward.


Super Happy Developer Block Party (March 2012)

HealthTap's award winning display at the first ever Developer Block Party (sponsored by the city of Palo Alto) featured in person doctors answering health questions of the thousands of people who stopped by our "Doctor is In" parklet.

Mar 2012


Fourth Internship Class (June 2012)

HealthTap's fourth internship class brought together a diverse array of students from Stanford, Berkley, USC, and UCLA.


12,000 doctors! (June 2012)

Our Medical Expert Network continued its remarkable growth, reaching 12,000 U.S.-licensed doctors in June 2012.

June 2012


Launch of the New HealthTap (July 2012)

The New HealthTap launched as the first-ever mobile health platform, available for everyone (iPhone, iPad, Android and Web). New features include HIPAA-secure private conversations, transparent doctor-to-doctor ratings, an interactive directory of over one million doctors, in-person appointments, and a personal health timeline. Press included positive praise from Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters, Forbes and Mashable, as well as TechCrunch and GigaOm among many other well known publications.

July 2012


DocScore and Top Doctors Competition (November 2012)

HealthTap’s innovative DocScore is an objective numeric rating (like a FICO score) for doctors, taking into account public information (such as years in practice, medical education, awards, and peer-reviewed publications) as well as interactions on HealthTap (including peer-endorsements and agrees). HealthTap’s Top Doctor Competition lets patients and doctors vote for the clinicians they think are the top ones in each field. Each doctor’s HealthTap profile displays the number of votes received from patients and other doctors.


DOConnect (November 2012)

HealthTap’s DOConnect is an interactive map showing the referral network of doctors and doctors who treat the same patients at the same time. Over 30 million connections are visible via HealthTap, and each doctor’s connections are visible directly from a doctor’s HealthTap profile page. DOConnect makes it quick and easy to see which doctors are most often referred to by other trusted doctors and which doctors treat the same patients at the same time, providing immediate insights into how physicians share values, methods, and approaches to care.


HealthTap Acquires Avvo Health and Grows Directory to 1.2 Million Doctors (November 2012)

HealthTap’s first acquisition, health Q&A and directory service Avvo Health, expanded HealthTap’s Medical Expert Network to over 40,000 doctors in 128 specialties, and broadened local coverage across all 50 states. At the same time, HealthTap announced the expansion of its directory coverage to include 1.2 million U.S.-licensed doctors, with dynamic listings including education, subject matter expertise, specialties and more.


Disrupting Healthcare for the better (November 2012)

HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman was invited to present on CNBC’s “The Disrupters,” a national news series highlighting innovative companies and individuals changing the status quo.

Nov 2012


Health Resolutions + Health Journey (December 2012)

HealthTap's new interface makes it easy and intuitive to browse health information, helping users support their health journeys. New features include health resolutions (with doctor videos and tips for meeting health goals), and a body browser, an easy way to explore symptoms and related conditions and treatments, all by clicking on an image of the human body.

Dec 2012


CNN (January 2013)

CNN highlighted HealthTap as one of the very best apps to help you keep your New Year's health resolutions. The video feature aired on CNN during prime time, and was simulcast on 150 stations across the country.


Winter Retreat (January 2013)

HealthTap team members gathered in northern California for our semi-annual retreat, where we hosted a select group of doctors from diverse practices across the country who participated in helping us envision the next generation of HealthTap.

Jan 2013


TipTaps (February 2013)

HealthTap brings doctor-created tips straight to your mobile device or computer. To keep healthy living top of mind, users can subscribe to health topics of interest, and receive daily doctor-created tips, suggestions, or bits of advice delivered via email or by SMS push notifications to mobile devices. Users can also discover and browse TipTaps on HealthTap.


Global mobile featuring! (February 2013)

HealthTap, featured globally on Google Play’s Android app market, quickly becomes one of the top 10 most popular health apps worldwide.

Feb 2013


HealthTap personalized! (March 2013)

March 2013 also marked the availability of increased personalization to millions on the HealthTap platform. Now when users ask questions, they are prompted with the option to add additional personal information related to the question they are asking. This provides doctors with relevant context and improves the specificity of the answers users receive.


TODAY Show (March 2013)

In March 2013, HealthTap was featured on the TODAY Show as one of the 4 best health apps among the 40,000 health applications available for consumers. Watch the video here!


Curbside Consults (March 2013)

This month HealthTap unveiled its new initiative called “Curbside Content.” The program allows a HealthTap physician to use the platform’s network to broadcast a question to other physicians.

Mar 2013


The Full Spectrum release! (April 2013)

The full spectrum of doctor knowledge is made available via HealthTap. Doctor-to-doctor Q&A, concise doctor updates, and full-length doctor posts are released.


Growth! (April 2013)

HealthTap reaches 7.5 million monthly unique visitors, 2 million app downloads, and over 0.5 billion doctor answers served.

Apr 2013


AppRX (May 2013)

In May 2013, HealthTap launched ‘AppRX’ so our users can get app recommendations from real doctors. With AppRX, we make it fast and easy to find health and wellness apps by creating intuitive, user-friendly categories, and adding doctor recommendations and written reviews to apps.

May 2013


Health2020 Event (July 2013)

In the summer of 2013, HealthTap had the pleasure of hosting a group of leading engineers, designers, product managers, data experts, and innovators in diverse industries to envision and design the “future of health” in the year 2020. It was a successful day of thought-provoking debate and ideas of how to disrupt the health space.


First doctor conference with Top Doctors (July 2013)

July 2013 marked the first ever HealthTap Doctors’ Conference. Doctors from around the country from multiple specialities, practice sizes, and various stages in their career offered insights and feedback on the past, present and future of HealthTap.

July 2013


10,000 lives saved (Oct 2013)

In October 2013, HealthTap received the 10,000th user note telling us that information on HealthTap saved a life. By making digital health personal, we're working hard to help many more thousands all over the world live longer, healthier lives.


1 billion answers served (Oct 2013)

Since launching our mobile health platform in July 2012, we've served over 1 billion answers in response to users' health questions, and have created and organized the world's most extensive knowledge base of user questions matched to answers from trusted doctors.

Oct 2013


Talk To Docs (Nov 2013)

HealthTap Labs launches it’s first app – Talk To Docs. Just speak a question, the app reads back answers from top doctors. Talk To Docs uses advanced natural language processing, artificial intelligence and advanced voice recognition technology to recognize the health topics you’re interested in, and delivers the most appropriate answer for you.


Continued National Press (Nov 2013)

HealthTap continued to be featured in national press, with articles in Inc. Magazine (November 2013) (here) and Forbes (November 2013) (here), among many others.

Nov 2013


Where we're headed

We’re headed into even more mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and doctors’ offices – and straight to the moon, of course!
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