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At HealthTap, we value trust and quality. That’s why we identify select top doctors in every specialty, and highlight them to patients and peers. We also provide these doctors with special privileges on HealthTap, including membership in ClubMD and status as a HealthTap Scholar.

Club MD

ClubMD members are doctors who regularly participate on HealthTap, and whose peers agree that the content they create and curate is high quality. Membership in this invitation-only club comes with privileges: doctors receive a ClubMD badge on their profile, are highlighted to patients, and help identify and influence the ranking of content on HealthTap. Learn more »

Club MD

HealthTap Scholars are a highly select group of leading doctors, and include the most engaged, respected, and helpful experts on HealthTap. The training, career accomplishments, and overall enthusiasm for HealthTap and its mission set these leaders apart. Members of this invitation-only group, identified by the Scholar badge on their profile, play a key role in curating the world’s best health information online. Learn more »

Editorial Board

Doctors who are members of the exclusive HealthTap Editorial Board are shaping the future of mobile health through their app recommendations and expert review of health information and services. Doctors who apply or are invited to join the Editorial board guide millions of people to medically accurate and helpful mobile apps and information. Learn more »

Here's what our doctors have to say:

Avatar_mask 10004054_michael_thompson "HealthTap focuses on an easy user interface that allows quick, informative interactions between patients and physicians... HealthTap is a powerful form of online participatory medicine." Dr. Michael Thompson , Oncologist (Waukesha, WI)

Avatar_mask 10003292_kevin_considine "HealthTap is a wonderful way to get good and straightforward information out to patients who need it most beyond my own practice... HealthTap (is) the newest evolution and concept of health information on the Internet." Dr. Kevin Considine , Family Physician (Coronado, CA)

Avatar_mask 10000090_jeff_livingston "HealthTap gives you a better way to connect with your doctor, rather than when you just see him face-to-face. Using social media to get patients information ahead of visits also improves care. The more information we can get to you ahead of time, the more engaged you are as a patient." Dr. Jeff Livingston , Ob/Gyn (Irving, TX)

Avatar_mask 10000048_scott_kramer "Through HealthTap, I can help patients become empowered with education to make better choices about their care." Dr. Scott Kramer , Ob/Gyn (Fremont, CA)

Avatar_mask 10000012_bert_mandelbaum "HealthTap is important because it's a source for well-balanced, medically appropriate information on the web to counter some of the false claims and misinformation." Dr. Bert Mandelbaum , Pediatrician (Princeton, NJ)

Avatar_mask 10003564_ankush_bansal "[On HealthTap I am able] to use my medical knowledge to help people with the health/medical questions without them having to worry that it has been biased by an industry or political/ratings agenda." Dr. Ankush Bansal , Internist (Miami, FL)

Avatar_mask 10003093_karen_han "HealthTap is a platform for me to participate in patient education. Indeed, it's also a place where doctors can learn pearls from each other, and that's very valuable." Dr. Karen Han , Dermatologist (Palo Alto, CA)

Avatar_mask 10003498_henry_bloom "I enjoy answering the important questions that are really on patient's minds." Dr. Henry Bloom , Family Physician (University Heights, Ohio)

Avatar_mask 10003513_aletha_tippet "HealthTap is a great place to see what others are thinking, and answering the questions is challenging and fun." Dr. Aletha Tippet , Family Physician (Cincinnati, OH)

Avatar_mask 10000147_neeoo_chin "The public is constantly consulting 'Dr. Google,' why not give them hundreds of great answers from medical experts?" Dr. Neeoo Chin , Endocrinologist (Cincinnati, OH)

Avatar_mask 10000053_lisa_roberts "The HealthTap website is an exciting and promising new way for physician experts to share trusted information to parents in a way that is user-friendly. I'm excited to see this new forum for exchanging medical information." Dr. Lisa Roberts , Pediatrician (Atlanta, GA)

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Get your own free, personalized app for patients to use. Easily customize your photo, logo, and practice name.

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Caduceus-shadow Dr. Jane Smith

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Build your reputation online and get all the recognition you deserve.

Receive free appointment requests and provide valuable information on your practice, all from the comfort of your mobile device.


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You can now communicate with patients online via online messaging through mobile devices in a safe and secure environment. You’ll also be compensated for your expertise.

Boost your income by answering patient questions in private conversations.

Our secure, private conversations are convenient messages with a single patient, unlike public questions on HealthTap that are open to all.

Patients looking for your expertise can now reach out to you exclusively for more in-depth answers.

We’ll reward you with HealthTap Credits, which you can redeem for cash, check or charitable donation.

You’ll save valuable time and make money by moving these questions into the cloud and out of your office.

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Top Doctor Competition — Summer 2013

The HealthTap Summer Top Doctor Competition recognizes the world's best and most helpful online and mobile medical experts.

We are amazed by the passion, focus, and commitment demonstrated by tens of thousands of highly-engaged doctors on HealthTap. Leading doctors from across the country actively compete for national, regional and statewide recognition as top doctors in the categories displayed on the right:

Our special thanks go out to all of the amazing doctors who participate in the Top Doctors competition, and their dedication to making the world a healthier, happier place.

Top Doctor
Top Specialist
Most Influential Doctor Award
Thought Leader
Top Doctor Award
for the expert who has helped the most people
We measure “people helped” by several numbers, including: patients who read your answers, thanks and thank-you notes from patients, agrees you receive, number of new followers, expert recommendations and votes for your “known for” topics.

Here are some of the featured winners of the Winter 2013 Top Doctors competition!

Avatar_mask 10014642x1356607536 Caduceus-red-20 Dr. Tracy A. Berg

General Surgery

Top Doctor of Spokane, WA

2,480,692 People helped

Avatar_mask 10014830x1365482184 Caduceus-red-20 Dr. Michael Sparacino

Family Medicine

Top Doctor Nationally

118,640,646 People helped

Avatar_mask 10005091x1356605685 Caduceus-red-20 Dr. Derrick Lonsdale

Preventive Medicine

Top Doctor of Cleveland, OH

4,498,670 People helped

Avatar_mask 10013299x1363109287 Caduceus-red-20 Dr. Dennis G. Higginbotham

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Top Doctor in Kansas

8,149,427 People helped

Avatar_mask 10011998x1363139751 Caduceus-red-20 Dr. David Sneid


Top Doctor in Missouri

2,834,048 People helped


Win at the Polls - Be known!

Gain the recognition you deserve, and show millions in your community and beyond, what you are "Known For".

What you are "Known For" is a reflection of the advanced training you've received combined with your interests and the experiences you've had in your practice. You deserve tremendous recognition for your knowledge and expertise, and we want to give it it to you!


3 ways to rise to the top in your "Known For" topics:

  • Ask your trusted colleagues and patients for their votes today.
  • Invite your patients (and your biggest fans!) to cast their vote.
  • Build your network of followers on HealthTap who will see your expertise in action - thereby increasing the likelihood of getting more top doctor votes.
Img-divider-bg Medica-school-title

Rally your classmates and help millions


The HealthTap Medical School Competition is a friendly inter-school rivalry that highlights you, your classmates, and you alma mater and benefits millions of people everywhere. The challenge centers around the number of people helped on HealthTap, and having more participants gives you a greater chance of rising to the top - so rally your school by inviting alumni to join you in the competition.

Be the Most Valuable Player!

If you've helped the most people compared to your fellow alumni, you will be declared the MVP and gain special recognition for your contributions!

To the winners go the spoils!

The top medical schools will be awarded with special recognition from HealthTap and all participating alumni will be recognized for their contributions, compassion, and expertise. Don't miss your opportunity to become a part of history!

Img-icon-heart 3 ways to take your team to victory and help millions everywhere!

Here are the top 3 ways to propel your school to the top of the leaderboard and win valuable recognition for you, your teammates, and your alma mater:

  • Help more people looking for your expertise with your great answers
  • Recruit your classmates and other alumni by inviting them today
  • Add your teammates to your network so that their answers will show in your feed - then peer-review and "Agree" when applicable