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At HealthTap, we believe that the way to improve health care is through innovation and teamwork. Our APIs grant access to HealthTap's powerful wealth of knowledge and reputation data, an ever-expanding bank of high-quality content created by thousands of U.S.-licensed doctors every day. Connect with us to power your apps with the world's' first Interactive Health engine.

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What features and functionality can you get by tapping into HealthTap?

  • Interactive, real-time access to the most trusted medical expertise in the world
  • The ability to create new features and applications
  • Savings in time and resources by developing innovative solutions with an existing platform and evergreen content that is refreshed every day

Supported functionality includes:


  • Search and access trusted health answers from leading doctors
  • See top questions and answers associated with a search string

Real-Time Data

  • Get a real-time activity feed of questions and answers on the health topics you choose
  • Get real-time trending health information
  • Get access to high-quality, dynamic doctor reputation data

Best Information

  • Access information from the best doctors, private practices and hospitals based on location, specialty and areas of expertise
  • See detailed information on doctors like area of practice, location, phone number and activity feed

Notifications and Statistics

  • Ask questions and get notified when they are answered
  • View rich statistics and other key metrics on answers and on doctors

DOConnect Verification TM — Doctor Authentication Made Easy New_static

HealthTap Verified authentication allows websites or app developers to provide tailored user experiences by verifying the identity of the trusted, U.S. licensed doctors approved by HealthTap.

What can you do with HealthTap DOConnect Verified authentication?

  • Provide doctors a simple, secure method to log in to your app. Allow them to skip the sign-up process and reduce friction to engage.
  • Unlock functionality in your app that is intended only for doctors and ensure secure access to doctors with a verified identify.
  • Get info about a doctor's DocScore, specialty, years in practice, Board Certification, awards, insurances accepted, affiliations, training, publications, connections, referral networks.
  • ...and more!
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DOConnect TM Medical circles of trust: A Referral/Connections Graph for U.S. Doctors!  New_static

  • Apply today to get access to more than 25 Million+ Connections in the Trust Graph of more than 1 Million U.S. doctors on HealthTap, and instantly see other doctors to whom he or she is connected!
  • For the first time ever, you can access comprehensive national data about who doctors trust and send their patients to, or treat patients with at the same time. You can have visibility and access to the "Circle of Trust" of any U.S. doctor on HealthTap!
  • See every doctor's location, topics of expertise, specialty, education, reputation (via our DocScore TM ), and more!
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Want to use HealthTap in a unique way? We'll work with you. If you have a compelling application of our data or services and our existing API calls don't meet your needs, contact us about developing the functionality you need.

What are the technical nuts and bolts?

We currently offer a robust JSON API with RESTful calls.

Sample integrations

Here’s what you can do with HealthTap APIs:

HealthTap's widgets and mobile apps are already powered by our APIs.

Potential API partnerships include:

Growing group practices... ...generating new patient leads through their website with rich keywords and fresh content that their doctors are already creating on their HealthTap Virtual Practices.

Tech-savvy hospitals... ...seeking to better serve existing patients by offering an "Ask Doctors" experience deeply integrated with their own online patient portal.

Mobile app developers... ...inventing apps for doctors that access HealthTap's awards, leaderboard and rank data to engage and gamify experiences for their doctor users.

Consumer-friendly insurance companies... ...who seek to differentiate themselves by offering policy-holders tools to browse local doctors in-network and see samples of these doctors’ answers showcased on HealthTap.

Large health content sites... ...who want current, topic-specific, trusted answers for their visitors.

Medical device manufacturers... ...looking to take a new approach to customer support and marketing by offering customers the power to ask real doctors questions about their product or the condition it addresses.

Online retail chains... ...who want to know what health content their customers are most interested in.

Third-world NGOs... ...looking for solutions to offer free access (via SMS or web apps) to the trusted medical expertise from U.S.-licensed doctors to citizens of developing countries with inadequate access to health care.

You! Whatever your needs, contact us and let's explore how to partner together!

What developers are saying about HealthTap?


The HealthTap Developer Network hosted the first-ever Interactive Health Hack-a-thon ("hacking4health") in 2010. The event was a runaway hit with Silicon Valley developers who gathered in HealthTap's office to build innovative data-based health apps.

"HealthTap's developer team is smart, agile and builds to your needs. Want to retrieve the data in a certain way that they don't support? They will work with you until you have a solution."

"Software developers have never had access to such a rich set of customized health data. HealthTap's API will serve as the de-facto data platform for third-party developers to leverage as they embark on an effort to revolutionize health care."

"We love the power that HealthTap unleashes to doctors and patients – and we wanted the reproduce that functionality for our community. So rather than re-inventing the wheel, we plugged our users directly into their service, and are unlocking the power of doctor-patient interaction right within our own web portal. Integration took us a fraction of the time it would have taken us to develop an inferior solution from scratch."

Apply now for early API access

After approval, you'll receive a private API key, full documentation, and a liaison on our Product & Engineering team to support you throughout your integration.


Thank you for your interest! Your API request has been submitted. Access is provided on a limited basis to select partners only for now. We will be in touch as we open up the platform.