HealthTap is here to help you. Our Interactive Health Network and mobile apps connect doctors with patients in smarter ways, provide education to those who seek it and disseminate trusted, vetted, peer-reviewed health information far and wide!

Here’s how HealthTap can work for you:

Img_howitworks_thebasics_hticonFor members, we connect you directly with the best health information and the best doctors, from your mobile device or on the web. Here at HealthTap, there’s no waiting room. Learn more » Sign Up! See what members and doctors are saying ›


Img_howitworks_thebasics_caduceusFor doctors, we give you the opportunity and tools to build your online and real-world reputation while making a difference. Attract new patients while also improving the quality of health information online. Learn more » Apply now


For medical groups of all shapes and sizes, we want to provide you the tools to give the people you serve access to the most trustworthy health information available online — at no cost. Learn more » Apply now


For developers, we allow you to tap into a wealth of high-quality, trusted health content and data to build even better solutions for your users. Learn more » Apply now

Our information and services are available on the web , in widget form and on mobile devices .

Here's what doctors have to say:

Avatar_mask 10000147_neeoo_chin "HealthTap is such an amazingly complex concept made simple, which will change how patients seek information forever. I am very excited to be a part of it!" Dr. NeeOo Chin , Ob/Gyn (Cincinnati, OH)

Avatar_mask 10000412_evelyn_hurvitz "An integral part of the future of health care will be the ability to impart education and advice through ecommunication. HealthTap is at the cutting edge of this trend." Dr. Evelyn Hurvitz , Pediatrician (West Amherst, NY)

Avatar_mask 10000662_lawrence_rosen "HealthTap is a brilliant example of high-tech, high-touch medicine: social technology directly connecting practitioners and patients. Building relationships with patients is why I became a pediatrician, and HealthTap helps me do that in a highly efficient and engaging way." Dr. Lawrence Rosen , Pediatrician (Oradell, NJ)

Avatar_mask 10000143_ruben_nazario "HealthTap allows patients to cut through the clutter of Internet health information. HealthTap fills a much needed vacuum in the way health information is delivered through the Internet." Dr. Ruben Nazario , Pediatrician (Falls Church, VA)

Avatar_mask 10000053_lisa_roberts "The HealthTap website is an exciting and promising new way for physicians experts to share trusted information to parents in a way that is user-friendly. I'm excited to see this new forum for exchanging medical information." Dr. Lisa Roberts , Pediatrician (Atlanta, GA)

Avatar_mask 10000025_eugene_louie_ng "HealthTap allows me to interact with existing and potential patients, giving patients better clinical advice than a random search may turn up." Dr. Eugene Louie-Ng , OB/Gyn (Washington, DC)

Avatar_mask 10000090_jeff_livingston "HealthTap gives you a better way to connect with your doctor, rather than when you just see him face-to-face. Using social media to get patients information ahead of visits also improves care. The more information we can get to you ahead of time, the more engaged you are as a patient." Dr. Jeff Livingston , Ob/Gyn (Irving, TX)