Will sarcoidosis affect my pregnancy?

Other way. Pregnancy can precipitate a sarcoidosis flare. In more than 60% of the cases however, sarcoidosis severity will remain unchanged, or even improve during pregnancy. Certain medications used to treat sarcoidosis are not safe during pregnancy, others increase your blood sugar and thus the risk of complications.
Probably not. Usually there is a happy mom and a healthy baby.

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I survived sarcoidosis with full löfgren syn. (+also heart, eye& neuro problems). No steroids, went into remission. How possible that it'll back after pregnancy? Sometimes light ana, low. C3

Doubtful. ANA positivity and a low c3 are more markers seen in lupus rather than sarcoidosis. Our doctor could check other inflammatory markers such as an ace level (angiotensin converting enzyme) and a sed rate esr. These are more likely to be elevated in active sarcoidosis. A chest x-ray would also be helpful. Read more...
Great. It is excellent that your pregnancy went well. Sarcoidosis and its various syndrome can be recurrent. With regard to the eyes individuals should look out for dry eye symptoms, blurred vision, redness or light sensitivity. If these occur, seeing your eye doctor as soon as possible will avoid complications. Read more...