Is it okay to take vicodin or better to take T3 (liothyronine) for occasional ache?

Either. There are really no differences between the two medications in terms of pain relief. Just take what works best. The main difference between the drugs is side effects-t 3 may cause more nausea in some people. However, my best advise is take take neither of them. It would be better to take a less strong analgesic and avoid the possibility of becoming addicted.

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Difference between T3 (liothyronine) (codeine 30mg) and vicodin (hydrocodone 5mg).... Pros cons which is strong which lasts longer?

Same diff. Same class (iii) and are equianalgesic (eg 1 5/325 vicodin = 1 t#3). Vicodin has hydrocodone, man made Codeine good for people who can't tolerate codeine. Sad thing? Usa = 2% of worlds population, uses 98% of the worlds vicodin prescriptions. Be careful about using short-acting narcotics for non-malignant pain. It's generally a bad long-term answer. Read more...