Is hay fever a seasonal allergy in cold clinate?

Seasonal rhinitis. Hay fever is a misnomer for a form of seasonal rhinits. It may arise in any climate. We call it seasonal rhinitis and it is usually aggrevated in the spring or fall.

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Is it hay fever or seasonal allergy worse?

Both the same. These terms are use for essentially the same process. I don't know many people who hang around "hay" to get their hay fever, although there can be a lot of moldy or allergenic stuff in hay. The term evolved to mean the same thing as seasonal allergy.
Same. Hay fever is the term for fall season allergy and rose fever is spring seasonal allergy. They are the same thing.

What is the best allergy medication for seasonal allergies like pollen, dust, ragweed, hay fever, dogs, cats, hamsters etc?

Various meds. There are various medications for rlief of allergy symptoms. These medications include antihistamines both over the counter and prescription, prescription nasal sprays and in some instances allergy injections.
There are a few. Not one medicine is better than another....Everyone's system is different...Some people get better with allegra. Others with zyrtec. Others with Claritin or even benadryl (diphenhydramine). These are now over-the-counter...Try some and read the labels. If you don't feel better, see a board certified allergist (www. Acaai. Org). Good luck.

What's the most effective allergy treatment for hay fever?

The one that works. Allergic rhinitis is a condition where your nasal mucosa reacts to allergens, like grass, trees, pollen, animal dander, molds, ect. Multiple chemical mediators such as histamine and leukotrienes are released that cause the reaction. Treating with an antihistamine, anti-leukotriene or nasal steroid spray could block the effects of the allergen. Also flushing with saline can get rid of the offender.

Please describe the most effective allergy treatment for hay fever?

See details. Several things may help including antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays and allergy injections. Antihistamines include zyrtec and Allegra and sprays include Flonase and nasonex (mometasone). Speak with your doctor.

I have season allergies and get hay fever. Is it fine to not take any medication for that. I just think it protects me more from pathogens.

Yes. Although your reasoning for not taking an antihistamine makes no sense, you do not have to treat seasonal allergies.
Not likely. "allergy" drugs simply control your symptoms and have really no direct effect on pathogens. This is an issue of your immune system and its ability to ward off thiese "bugs". Good Luck.

Did anyone ever had allergies or hay fever for 2 months or longer?

Many people Do. The duration of seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) depends on pollination of the particular plant and the part of the country. In the northern us, pollen seasons for trees, grass and weeds is about 6-10 weeks. However, if a person lives in the southern us the pollen season can be many months. Also, if a person is allergic to trees and grass, the pollen related symptoms can be over 2 months.

Does local honey really help allergies/hay fever?

No. Local honey may contain pollen, but it is not the pollen that causes allergic rhinitis. So there is no benefit from a allergy desensitization type mechanism.