One of my inner lips on my vagina is swollen and sore and a lump? And im pregnant

Bartholin Cyst. It may be bartholin cyst.Bartholin gland is normally not palpable but when there is blockage of the bartholin duct, it swells up and forms as a cyst.If it gets infected it can form ointo an abscess and is painful.But barthlin cysts do sometime get better by itself and other time it has to be drained.I will suggest you check get it checked by your gynecologist/obstrestrician.

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One of my inner vagina lips is swollen and looks like there is a lump what could be the cause of this? I'm really worried

Bartholin cyst. What you are describing sounds like a bartholin cyst; however, without an exam, it is impossible to be sure. Arrange for followup with an ob/gyn to evaluate it. Good luck! Read more...